Driven by Qualitative & Contextual Feedback

Collect Feedback from everyone that matters, as frequently as you desire.

Don't wait for your annual feedback cycle and be caught by surprise. Self-rate yourself on important workplace competencies and then ask your team (manager, peers, direct reports and collaborators from other teams) to rate you as well. Use this tool to pull feedback rather than waiting for it to be pushed to you.

Its anonymous, so that everyone can feel comfortable giving you honest and open feedback. You might not always agree with what you see in the feedback, but use it as an opportunity to see how you can get others to see from your perspective.


Career is a Long Journey; Are you Ready?

Frequent, high quality feedback will equip you to Inspect & Adapt toward a better, more enjoyable career path.

(803) 272-5619 indicate that the use of 360-degree feedback helps to improve employee performance because it helps the evaluated see different perspectives of their performance.

Use 360° Feedback to fill perception gaps. Its important for us to notice (even minor) gaps between how we think we are performing and how others see it.


Scale and Sustain

Identifying top performers and grooming them to reach new heights is key to every organisation's success.

A 360° feedback tool is only the first step in the direction. Ensuring quality feedback is provided to every employee, early enough is important for better growth. Employees can use the feedback to identify how they are successfully communicating their strengths (and weaknesses) and where they could focus to improve those communications.

Use 360° feedback as a catalyst for team bonding and personal development via collaboration.


Make 360 Feedback Work

Get everyone's buy-in via a collaborative discussion before you roll this out.

In many companies, managers simply send out an email to all the team members to participate in 360 Feedback. Alas! the participation is very poor or half-hearted. Don't make the same mistake.

Before rolling out 360 Feedback, first have an open discussion about the problems with the current feedback & review system. And then explain how 360 Feedback can really address some of those issue. Get the team's buy-in to ensure they will give their best shot.

Use the following steps to roll-out an effective 360 Feedback in your team:

  1. From the overall list of competencies, as a team, decide which 5-7 competencies matters the most to your team
  2. Discuss a few examples of how to give effective feedback via "Strengthen Confidence" and "Increase Effectiveness" sections
  3. Before rolling-it out, as a team agree by when you want to complete the reviews
  4. Conduct a retrospective on how the 360 Feedback worked, Inspect and Adapt.

Feedback 360 comes Loaded with Features

So that you can focus on providing quality feedback and leave the rest to us.

Visual & Intuitive

View a single feedback survey or how your feedback is trending across a time-range.

Start a Conversation

Ask for clarification on any feedback and start a conversation on it, right away.

Safe-Fail Experimentation

Try asking feedback on different competencies or changing the questions to suit your needs.

Swift and Direct

Enables instant and direct pull-based feedback to truly help your team.

Fancy Reports

Download clean, simple, concise reports to eliminate noise from your signals.

Safe and Secure

Be assured that your data is safe and only accessible to the concerned person.

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