Right now, there isn't much I can do.


I have tried it already. It doesn't work.

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I don't have a tattoo.

Billie confessed to killing his wife.

I was cut to the quick by her remark.

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Ted asked everybody the same thing.


Would people complain about that?

Can I see you a moment?

Fay works nearby.

You look like a million bucks.

Don't compare your children with others.

Is it hard to learn French?

It took her four months to recover from her sickness.

He is alive to his own interests.

I've never been photographed.

Answers display different degrees of understanding.

What makes him hated?

Everything is relative.

I found an alcove with a statue of a Hindu deity.

If Jeannie could've spoken French, he'd have had more fun.

You can stay here as long as you like.

Not all the students were present.

Tracey wears a heart-shaped locket with a photo of Fred in it.

I'd like to think about it.

The children were left to fend for themselves.

Life is more and more expensive.

We call our English teacher E.T.

I can't stand the pain anymore.

He is more gentle than kind.


Old was standing near the trophy case.

They are disappointed in their son.

She came in with tears in her eyes.

I think it's about time to go.

I looked for the key.

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She decided to go and study in the USA.

How are your grandparents?

My roommate, who can't hold his liquor, came home after the party and barfed all over my new shoes!


Sundar and Markku could have become friends.

Those who betray us in the worst way are always those who are dearest to us.

You are such a liar.

The pilot increased the speed of the plane.

This book is quite above me.

I want to know how Sumitro died.

Oranges are graded by size and quality.

The company president has hired a headhunter to find us a new sales manager.

As a result of the storm, he didn't arrive.


You're having a bad day.


Please give me a coffee.


Are you afraid of something?

She has long, curly hair.

Can you help me?

I need information.

This sentence needs to be checked.


The road goes north from here.


There were fifty entries for the race.

Tricia did some shopping at the mall.

The man on the bench was obviously dead.

Kurt wants us to find Steve.

Every second counted.


Loyd is a very sociable person.

I left home when I was thirteen.

I have some very good news.


How many hours a day do you watch TV?

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The story was handed down from father to son.

Mechanical advantage is a trade-off

Have you ever eaten raw fish?


Have you ever visited your sister?

Who's your doctor?

Sadder than the beggar is the man who eats alone in public.

She asked him to adjust the TV set.

That was three weeks ago.

Tiefenthal has gone AWOL.

Do you suppose they expected to be suffering like this?


Almost all girls are kind.

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Australia was the place where British prisoners were sent to.

Who are the kidnappers?

Be objective.

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Nanda posed as a technician to enter the restricted area.

We'll find one.

This doesn't feel right.

Each room is equipped with large desks.

I saw a photo of a 10-foot python eating a crocodile.

My neighbor renovated his house completely.

You'll be receiving the results of your test in the mail.

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We've done the best we can with what we have.

He'll definitely go to the U.S.

She is vehemently opposed to political correctness.

Does he appoint him with a clear intention of offending him?

I ordered you a drink.

Clayton reached for the hammer.

She wants to settle down and have children.


We'll keep you updated.

Tell Linley I'm not going to do what he asked me to do.

Don't expect me in case it should be rainy.


Do the unexpected.

It's me that Penny is waiting for.

Knute hadn't counted on this.

My wife goes to the village market to buy foods every day.

We'll have to try it again.

I gave offense to her.

"What color is your underwear?" "I'm not wearing any."

Canada's Andre de Grasse won the bronze medal in the 100m race.

I have to give the money back to Benjamin.


Todd and Elisabeth grew up in Boston.

She doesn't like people who aren't punctual.

Rand could scarcely believe it.

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He made many excuses for being late.

I don't deserve this and you know it.

In the same way?

It requires more courage to suffer than to die.

Put that gun away.


How many did you get?


I figured it wouldn't hurt to wait for a few more minutes.

This is getting difficult.

The police found three wallets in your car.

He is a relative of Adam.

Susanne visited Dominic in her Boston home.

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Teresa tried to sell his house.


My father had me change a tire on his car.

I'm trying to break myself of the habit.

Is reprinting this article a possibility?

Donal, Maria! Come downstairs kids, food's ready!

Birds feed on berries and corn seeds.

They scorned the liar.

You're better off without her.

Ro took the key from the keychain and handed it to Loukas. He was now the owner of her little house.

Do you like the colours?


Give Dean a second chance.

Tartiflette is a delicious potatoe and reblochon cheese based dish.

That's a pretty straightforward question.

I often hear her refer to her childhood.

Miltos agreed to make a confession.


This is called aesthetic attraction because it is thought to be similar to other aesthetic desires, such as the desire to keep listening to a good song or to keep looking at a beautiful sunset.

Whose house is this?

Now he was rich, wore fine clothes, and made many friends, who all said that he was an excellent man, a real nobleman.

We should have gone on a cooler day.

I'll tell her to contact you.

A lot of insects vanished overnight.

I didn't know Rex was that fast.

I wanted to ask you something.

The chief's gonna kill me.

We're pretty tight.

Birds fly south in winter.

Did you want something?

The seawater stings my cut.

The kitten lapped up the milk I poured into the saucer.

Should I call Ken back?


Do you fancy a drink?


Are you sure this is what we're supposed to be doing?

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It'll be therapeutic.

In spite of the bad weather, they decided to go by car.

He wanted to buy a book.

This can't have been an accident.

It seemed like a good idea.

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Neville's design is very original.

Whose turn is it to deal?

Thanks for nothing, Shyam.

Hazel reported Norbert missing.

Who gave you my number?

She put on a coat.

I remember mailing the letter.

This is an old Canadian custom.

At what age do you want to get married?

We've made no changes yet.

That could be significant.