I wonder what's going on.

Noemi watched Suzan as she slept.


I'll see you in October.

I'd like you to put me back on the list.

Above all, you must help each other.


Would you say Urs is a good listener?

Saul can't go with us.

I'd like a double with a bath.


It still means something.

Do you love me unconditionally?

Mah told me that I could keep the book if I wanted it.

The country has resources, but can't exploit them.

We'll come back.

She gave the sample to her assistant.

She's screaming, not singing.

If only she were here, she would tell me what to do.

We should tell it to them.

Don't you ever sweat?

I'm not sure I can trust you.

There must be a connection between these murders.

When did you find out about Vicky and Ramsey?

She is wearing a green robe.

You're not above the law.

He has agreed to do the task.

Coffee or tea?


I found the rare edition that I've been looking so long for.


I didn't save anyone either.

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She spoke out strongly against cruelty to animals.

Are you still in the office?

It's misleading.

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Sundaresan gets along fine with Brender.

He stood in the middle of the room.

The rain compelled us to put off the gathering.


Griff isn't suffering from an altered perception of reality. He's enjoying it.

She hasn't come yet.

Curt has visited Australia three times.

I am doing shopping at the market.

You are overestimating my English level!


Who do you think we're dealing with?

She will be able to play the piano well.

Kristen had his hands in his back pockets.

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My father has a ranch and breeds cattle and horses.

Vinod was easily influenced.

I have spoken to you of earthy things.

Are you sensing anything?

I know who my enemy is.

Shakil didn't have to come yesterday.

Cookie was a very gentle dog.

Eliot lent me his bicycle.

Who is their homeroom teacher?

At the sound of my voice, my dog pricked up his ears.

Do you like Raja's new Halloween costume?


The United States is seeking extradition of Julian Assange.

I would've done the same for Marco.

She always buys milk.

Deb gave Evan a watch.

Let's get started!


That's your problem, not mine.

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I will stop you.

Bring me a cup of coffee, will you?

She behaved exceptionally well.


The cow cast a calf.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Bill heard someone approaching.

They had a pillow fight.

You need to respect their privacy.

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All of us will die sooner or later.

Today I'm on strike against the strike.

I wanted to spend more time with Jeffie.

She is seldom at ease with strangers.

I'm too lazy to wake up at six o'clock in the morning.

We need a safety net.

Is that what you're suggesting?

Get off my lawn, you young whippersnapper!

Working shifts can be extremely disruptive to family life.

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I called them fat pigs.

Yo-yos can spin really fast.

Where did Lewis get that tan?

Which of them do you prefer?

It is not wise to put your money on a horse.


It's no trouble. Really.


The restaurant is on the ground floor.

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I felt sad.

What will they do?

I didn't want to spend any more time arguing with Major.

I have no idea what we are doing in our math class.

Hope is when you suddenly run to the kitchen like a mad man to check if the empty chocolate cookie box you just finished an hour ago is magically full again.

I plan to spend the New Year's holiday in Australia.

She is really good with children.


I could ask him directly.

Is it the Pantheon in Athens or something like that?

No one can hear you, Renu.


To what extent did he play a part in the research project?


He is my classmate.

Even chocolate contains vitamins.

Have you ever made noise in the classroom?

People sometimes narrate their actions to themselves as a running commentary.

We used to talk about everything.

They rescued him from danger.

Why is it so important I be here?

We had a lot of furniture.

Herb smiled sympathetically.

My friend bought a yellow car.

I don't know why they don't understand.


Have you told them you're here?

I learned how to spin wool from watching my grandmother.

I just don't feel like doing my math homework.

I think otherwise.

He knows me better than I know myself.

Which type of player are you?

We're wasting time here.

Don't climb on this!

The exam that every student failed is harder than the exam that every student passed.


I'll tell you (this) as a doctor.

Jared shouldn't be so surprised.

The doctor gave him a sedative.

Pierette almost drowned.

That wasn't here before.


June thought I was Betty's boyfriend.

The teacher has given Carl permission to do whatever he wants.

The typhoon prevented our plane from leaving.

This book is good but that one is even better.

The weapons were concealed in the bottom of his baggage.

Pete often downloads movies.

What vegetables do you want to buy?

The beer is served in a beer stein.

Vivek helped me with the move.


I had a bad day today.

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Hey, let me help you.


Are you good?


Let me know the moment Mahmoud wakes up.

There's something happening here.

This small Pacific island nation is threatened by climate change.

Venkata says he understands how Rudolph feels.

The color of the carpet is in harmony with the wall.

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His e-mail address is hirosey@genet.co.jp.


In English examinations, she always gets good marks, not to say straight As.


Norbert sounds nervous.

We're going to lose him!

She understands him.

Hey you! What do you have in that green bag?

It's best to tell the truth.


I go very gladly to school.


He is anything but a scholar.

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In my opinion, the fact that we can't easily send the zeroth one should be a reason for us not to try to send and sell the second one.

I wish I was there with you.

It's best to let us handle it.

The boss is there?

I like environmentalism, but not environmentalists.

This was a hasty translation.

You don't have to tell me about what happened if you don't want to.

Lucifer certainly is an interesting person.

I know it's illegal.


I didn't know you felt that way about Scott.


Darryl has lunch every day at noon.

Anatole and Donna are playing Gin rummy.

Speak to me.

She devoted her life to the study of science.

Since you are no longer a child, you should be responsible for what you do.

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I couldn't just sit there and do nothing.

You can always text her.

He is very clever indeed.