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An efficient way to prescribe and deliver dental restorations. E Labs technicians are passionate about creating restorations that resemble the esthetics of natural teeth. Detailed anatomy and characterization are part of the technicians’ everyday process.

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E Labs has everything needed for successful partial, denture, and implant supported overdenture cases, from start to finish. Our removable services include careful case planning, the latest selections of denture teeth, acrylics and overdenture components, and case-specific implant surgical guides. Our comprehensive range of removable products, coupled with our hands-on approach, is designed for smooth prosthetic delivery for you and your patients each and every case. 

Our full line of removables includes three different types of occlusal splints and we can laser weld your partial right here in the laboratory, adding a new clasp or repairing an old one quicker than we ever could before. Our partial and denture services come with articulation, set-up, try-in, and finish for superior fit and maximum patient comfort. 

We know that crown and bridge restorations are still the bread and butter for many dental practices. At E Labs, we work to make sure crown and bridge restorations exceed your patients’ expectations and offer doctor a perfect fit without any touch ups needed minimizing patient chair time. E Labs is committed to providing our clients with quality restorations at an affordable price approach while keep premium quality. E Labs will provide all restorations assuring that all materials are ADA and FDA approved and certain health and safety standards have been followed. 

As a full-service laboratory, we believe in staying on top of the latest innovations in the field of dentistry. As implantology continues to grow with new products and techniques, E Labs can provide your patients with the latest state-of-the art materials and procedures for all types of implant cases. E Labs has been involved in fabrication of implant restorations since 1988. Having hundreds of hours of continuing education in the field of Implants. E Labs is always available to assist you with creating a cohesive case plan and design. From start to finish we will work closely with technician and restoring dentist to create a treatment plan that is ideal for each patient, with surgical guides tailored to each individual case. You can count on E Labs to provide you with our best, from the choice of implant and abutment to crafting a gorgeous final restoration to your specifications.

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