It is agonizing for the united States to lose our young men and women.

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The tall man laughed obnoxiously.


He's not a team player.

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I was told that Claudia can't speak French.

Bit by bit, he could attract her with his behaviour.

My beloved land, pearl of the Orient Sea.


Can you tell us what the bank robber looked like?

I thought my head would explode.

Just in time!


It's so loud.

I have everything under control.

I'm not going to hold your hand.

You could at least buy a hybrid.

What is this year?

I'm not sure how much we should wait.

I suffer from restless leg syndrome.

I want to get away for the weekend.

In the hotel lobby, several guests who just arrived are waiting to get the keys to their rooms.

Curtis covered Lloyd with a blanket.

Your words provoked his anger.


I'm so glad you're OK.

I told them to stay here.

I'm so glad you like it.

I can't make any promises.

Did I tell you I got into Harvard?


I enjoy the time we spend together.


Do you think Jinchao might come back?


Jane lowered his rifle.

This is very difficult for me.

And then Kit noticed something strange.


It's snowing in Boston.

The U.S. would be nothing without its immigrants, legal and illegal.

It's possible that the drinking water has chlorine, lead, or similar contaminants in it.


Those who have never thought about the value of life should not study medicine.


Ronald has no inheritance.

Sanjib didn't like the taste.

This message doesn't make sense.

We had a heavy frost this morning.

You may take anything you like.

I was told you knew how to do this.

It's national tell-a-lie day! And yes, I made that up.

Why don't you be quiet?

Sofia didn't talk to Konrad.

Who would want to help us?

Bring me some bread, butter, ham and cheese.

The waitresses are young, pretty, sexy and well-dressed.

Nine years ago, our parents died in a car crash.

Did people recognize you?

She gave the boy what few coins she had in her purse.

Why is everyone so concerned about David?

He's the father of two children.

We sell jewelry in the jewelry store.

I was wondering if I could go home early today.


Anyway, you don't have to worry.


I'll be out front.

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She attributed her failure to illness.

He showed little interest in books or music.

Do I have to do this now?


Maybe I'll bring her.

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Beautiful things give us pleasure.

The parents of these children had each a large wooden box in which they cultivated kitchen herbs for their own use, and a little rose-bush in each box, which grew splendidly.


There is no knowing what will happen in the future.

I'm all alone.

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After all, he succeeded in passing the exam.

It's nearly noon and he's still in bed.

Journalism largely consists in saying 'Lord Jones Dead' to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive.

If it were not for examinations, our school life would be happier.

The risk is too great.

Ronald is calming down.

Athletes hoping to medal in the Olympics have been warned to stay away from social media in the lead up to their events.

You can add your sentences to the "favorites", and from there admire how they are translated by others.

Seymour held out his hand.


I'd like one stamp, please.


Miriamne was deported.


Is that someone's name?


Tai didn't want to leave Rusty behind.


When will you depart for Berlin?


Scot might be able to translate this into French.

Have you ever baked a pizza?

Have you ever had a wet dream?


Acaraje, a Brazilian food from Africa, is a ball of caupi bean dough, onions, and salt, fried in palm oil and served with shrimp and a spicy sauce.

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He called a taxi for me.

Petr suddenly burst out laughing.

I've asked around and everybody says that we shouldn't trust you.

I corrected the sentence after almost one month without response.

Everyone's quiet.


Winnie ironed his pants.


It was obvious that he wanted to kiss her.

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I wouldn't regret this later.

How long have you been busy?

We won't speak again.


Hey, Mimi! How's it going?

They began using their power to become rich.

They flunked their exams.

Young people adapt themselves to something sooner than old people.

Could you call me back a bit later?

Moses wants to make sure we understand what he wants.

How are we going to do that?

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It has been raining since Tuesday.

Sandeep is a pretty girl, isn't she?

I've decided to quit my job.

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You could really do with a haircut.


Recently, many public bath-houses have gone out of business.


When he got into the emergency department, they said he just imagined everything.

I don't like feeling helpless.

Be a good boy.

She kissed me like anything.

The secret seems to have leaked out.

What do you call this in French?

Today I'm online.


I'm going to go get him now.

When I was strolling along the beach this morning, I found this bottle.

Communism would provide decent housing for everybody.


You're not Canadian.

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It's been a week now since Yvonne changed his underpants.

If you only have the B antigen, your blood is type B.

I played chess with Niels yesterday afternoon.

A real friend is like a rare bird.

You make your own life.


Saad told us that we should leave right away.


Your name is still on the list.

I just found an old diary.

She is still playing with a doll.

Would you mind standing aside?

She has one cat.

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One day the men got to his village.

You should be alert to the possible dangers.

She praised her husband to excess.

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It's a very simple process.

Was I supposed to do that?

What we need now is something to drink.

Sanjib earned it.

Father asked me to open the door.

Marci is giving Shutoku another chance.

Kristin is so stupid.

Everybody expected the musical to be a great hit, but it was far from being a success.

I already explained to you that I was over Jeff.

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Hiroyuki only mentioned Claudio twice.


This song is known to everyone.


I intended to have gone abroad.


It's the class bell. The pupils that had been around the school gate quickened their steps as one.


Unfortunately, I already have plans for that day.

Penny has to be back home by 2:30.

She will be a beauty when she grows up.

I struggled to get out of the subway.

The apparent truth was really a lie.

Johnny has just finished writing a letter to Paola.

Yoga helps her to be calm.

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Please don't use English.

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I think maybe Rabin has something else to do.