That means sure death!

I'll pray for your family.

It's very surprising.

This conclusively decided the matter.

He is running ahead of me.


Do you know what my mother used to say?

Kirk tried to stay awake, but he soon fell asleep.

Each member has to pay a membership fee.

She should not have married Pierre.

I crossed the road after looking both ways.


Saiid is an expert in anatomy and knows every bone in the human body.


He cleared his throat.

Christianity has many adherents.

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part.

I got up at seven in the morning.

Let's work.

He also discovered sunspots, the dark areas of the Sun. He saw that the planet Venus has light and dark phases just like the Moon. These discoveries provided empirical information that proved that the Sun is at the center of the Solar System, as Nicholas Copernicus had predicted.

He grew up in Australia.


I'm still on the fence.

The ugly clouds were getting closer, so we went inside.

That's exactly what Christophe was talking about.

I think it's time we got out of here.

Soon the day will be over and I won't have succeeded in doing anything.


The wine was red.

Somebody's following me.

I want you to deliver this message to Vladislav.


My sister showed a new watch to me.

Some prominent tennis players behave like spoiled brats.

The student was punished for cheating.

My little brother really likes a game in which you put animals in their natural habitat.

You're pretty late to have just gone shopping. Have you been making out someplace?

I can't stop thinking about the stolen money.

He went there by bike.

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I'll meet Lonhyn at the library.


We're just about finished for the day.

Joubert will get well very soon.

She is said to be a domestic woman.

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We'll contact you if we have any further questions.

Let's just let him handle it.

Barry slammed his door really hard.

Ruth swims pretty well.

His normal position is third baseman.

She speaks French, not to speak of English.

Just leave it to me.

This chocolate tastes really good.

Don't yell at Hsi.

Truth be told, this sentence uses the subjunctive mood.

It's a house that I give to you.


It is kind of her to help me.

He was my business associate.

We are all one on that point.

He feels disturbed.

Where did you stay?

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I didn't like my teacher.

I know exactly where to find Lynn.

There's nowhere for us to go.

He'd been three months in the job and the strain was beginning to tell on him.

The show was exciting.

Harmon is playing outdoors.

I do not believe in the existence of God.

The capital of Ecuador is Quito, in the mountainous province of Pichincha.

Millie is drinking water.

He had the sensation that he was still on the waves.

You were busy, weren't you?

She heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the good news.

Ricardo is at the podium.

Suwandi can hardly support himself on his salary.

He is reasonable in his demands.

Gerard did what he had been told to do.

You don't look very well. Are you sick?


I can't afford to pay you.

Ernest must've had his reasons.

Laurence heard that Annie got married.

I remember meeting him somewhere.

This town boasts a large public library.

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Kerri showed Louiqa a picture of John and another boy.

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He got a broken jaw and lost some teeth.

This house was built in 1870.

Does Adlai always talk this much?

I'm almost done.

Everybody knows everything but nobody knows anything.

Emily has only himself to blame.

He didn't press her.

Knut dropped by for a visit.

Dion apologized for calling so late at night.

Only a few escaped to tell the story.

You owe me big-time.

It's actually kind of fascinating.

This is a bad time for me to talk.


Everyone called me Tovah.


I had lived in Sendai for ten years before I came to Tokyo.

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I want to be doing a good job.


What did you open it with?

Tell me you're not serious.

He speaks English as if he were an American.

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What an unfortunate coincidence!

I want you to be ready when Timo gets here.

He carelessly forgot the camera on the bus.

Your technical manager arranged a meeting for 1:00 p.m. on April 6, but how about April 7, at 10:00 a.m.?

He's daft about cats.

I haven't seen Manavendra lately.

I heard your father isn't doing well.


I don't know if I have enough time to do it.

It is my burning ambition to make you prosperous.

Yesterday I sold two books.


What are Leila's chances?


It probably doesn't matter what we do.

They are short of funds.

Cole looked in a mirror.

Jeannette wrote his name on the blackboard.

I much prefer to work with people.

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He reluctantly agreed to my proposal.

He was badly treated at the hands of his enemies.

Would you let me go?

I am taking a couple of days off.

To hell with it!


The twilight came on.

Reality is scary.

I see that you haven't painted your house yet.

I didn't hack into anybody's computer.

How much is that gold ring?


Kathy lied about his age.

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I'm addicted to what I do.

Some Canadian territories have almost no people.

Professor Goto directed my graduate work.


I think it's time for me to refill this prescription.


When her mother came, she pretended to be studying.

Climb to the top.

Some people are demonstrating against nuclear arms.

I took two cold tablets before I laid down.

I'll clean up the house before my parents come.


A schwa represents a neutral vowel.

Did you not have anything to eat yet?

She and her twin sister were born just five minutes apart.

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Jenine needs to take a long, hard look at himself.

Don't sugarcoat it.

His English is coming along pretty well.

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Tell Heidi to meet us at the subway station.


We don't need to stay there.

Don't pay attention to anything they tell you.

It's twelve o'clock.

You need to work on your security.

I don't speak his language.


The Jacksons are going with us.

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He has an inferiority complex.

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Tim asked his father if he could go to the movies.

They feel closer than brothers.

You really are strange, you know.

I'm not alone.

She is used to getting up early.

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Sergei went to the zoo with his children.

... reason? What you're looking for is a pretext, isn't it?

I waited for her.

We drove into the mountains.

The thermometer stands at 70.

Get us something to drink.

I thought you had another reason.


Ami doesn't think Stagger will do the job very well.

Justice without mercy is cruelty; mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution.

Mark has told us a lot about you.

Hello! Welcome to my aquarium!

I want to have fun.