Tell me you're joking!

Last year, I spent so much time by myself that I almost forgot how to communicate effectively with others.

This is a really stupid system.

I think Liyuan is responsible.

Go ahead alone!

A successful local boy is coming home.

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The minute I entered the room, they stopped talking.


Derek left five minutes ago.

She asked me where I was going.

I think this is very rare.

Perry told his son not to eat with his mouth open.

I work hard at what I do.

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This is so much better!

Go find someone else to play with.

The boy rowing the boat is a friend of mine.


Her father is conservative and old-fashioned.

Ask her to explain it.

That's what I said!


It's up to Michael now.


Terry probably thought I wasn't at home.

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Could this be possible?

He placed great belief in his assistant.

I still want to marry you.

Do you know where the hospital is?

Find things out for yourself instead of having a parent or a teacher tell you.

I live just two steps from here.

It's important to help people who are in trouble.

Spending time together is important.

It's just that easy.

We'd all be very grateful if that happened.

This doesn't make sense to me.


Thank you for helping me organize Bradford's birthday party.

Quit your bullying!

He got off with a fine.


She contributed much to the company.

It's the national week of the book.

Mahesh got caught cheating on a test and was suspended from school.

Ragnar is quite prepared.

Correct any errors.

I've just let slip that he is sick.

Some of my classmates like volleyball and others enjoy tennis.


Where are Sanford and Sorrel right now?

Do they not know other diseases?

How many gallons does it take to fill your tank?

I was in the crop duster crash in 2003.

I owe it entirely to him that I have thus far succeeded.


The girl brushed past me.


Jorge is always complaining about his wife's cooking.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.

What's that got to do with us?

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Please don't use Facebook during business hours.

The girl was sick for home.

May I introduce myself, my name is Lucas.


Benson was struck down by a heart attack.

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Carsten won't be busy this afternoon.

Have you worked the puzzle out?

At that store, they deal in fish and meat.


I feel comfortable in his company.

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I'd be very happy if you'd help me.

The expense is 10000 yen at lowest.

We're adaptable.


The man robbed me of my bag.

He is a recent convert to Catholicism.

I like going fast.

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Thanks for listening.

She risked her life to save him.

"Duke Onkled, it's tax season! You are under a ton of taxes!" "Don't hurt me, taxes! Please! I'll pay you this key!" "Acceptable enough. Now go away!"

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Take out your notebooks!


Barbara said that he was very hungry.

Is your wife still in America?

Del never would've left without telling me first.

Where did you pick up that accent?

The other day, I met him in Kyoto.

What's the big rush?

Do you have this shirt in black?

He can't distinguish vice from virtue.

You did not make a single mistake? That had to be blind luck!

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It's going to be frustrating.

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Romain and Vassos named their daughter Alice.

I know how we can pass the time.

My hotel told me to call you.


Jef and Lois looked at each other uneasily.

The man you see over there is my uncle.

I think a god's name has got to be out. From the moment the kid's named you know he's not going to be able to live up to it!


Skeeter isn't the kind of person who would do what you're accusing him of.


Are you sure I can't give you some help?


Gregg set down his cup.

How many countries are there in Africa?

We're making good progress.

Do you think it might not have been an accident?

This is his hometown.

I have billions of dollars.

I only need to buy one.


How do you feel about them now?


With this type of insurance, most policies don't come with a maturity refund.


Leslie has never been on a ship.


Shaw came close to breaking an arm.

But in many ways, the bird called Alex is unusual, for it has shown the kind of mental abilities that scientists once thought only humans had.

It happened at about half past four.

People who drive cars should wear seat belts.

I am used to driving a truck.

Before deciding, I would like to consult with my family.

If the number of cars increases, so will the traffic.

I'll try to get a hold of them.

Try this pancake and tell me if you like it.

We're not engaged yet.

The air here is awful.

I thought I was talking to Vadim.

Holly handed me the phone.

Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made from plums.

Amanda hasn't finished his training.

I dialled the number.

Why didn't you help them?


Elwood paused for a few seconds.

Who were those guys?

Kenn refused to help us.

She is very much like her mother.

I know what they said.

On Friday I go to the market to get some potatoes and eggs.

I have many games for the Xbox.

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I don't know what the time is at our place.


Tell me why you think you can't trust me.

I'm not exactly sure.

Happy 4th of July!

Karthik is a boy. He is a good boy.

Takayuki is kind of cute, isn't she?

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Lui adores me.

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You remind me of Marci.

Vick kissed Loren on the back of her head.

Do you think you'd have time to help me learn French?


The Kelpie, an Australian sheep dog, is an excellent working dog and can muster large numbers of sheep with little or no command guidance.

Enjoy the day.

My heart was in my boots when I thought of it.


You don't have to worry about her anymore.

You'll do fine.

She removed him from her memory.

Benson was unable to hide his reaction.

I'm going to be there from Monday to Thursday.


After this storm it will be cooler.

Would you mind if I came along?

She stayed inside during herpes outbreaks.

She slowly opened her eyes.

A gentleman called in your absence, sir.

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The protesters burnt down the synagogue.

That has never happened to me, touch wood.

When's the last time you showered?

Refugees poured in from all over the country.

The garden is in front of the house.


We're not family.


I wish you could go with Alf.

Eva was excited about going to the Easter egg hunt.

Sehyo says he's feeling kind of tired.


I said that I could, not that I would.

She seemed very happy in contrast to the man.

English is not a phonetic language.

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I don't really want to bother you with my problems.