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A Live Chat with a Pharmacist available at your fingertips. Our licensed pharmacist can help answer any of your questions.



You can subscribe to any product available in the app from the product page. By subscribing you select the frequency of delivery needed and it will be automatically at your doorstep without having to worry about shortages anymore.



You can take a picture of your Dr Prescription & send it through our app. Our pharmacist will review and once approve you can place your order.

How it Works

Juleb is a platform that connects end-users with pharmacies. A very user friendly mobile application that you can order through and your order will be delivered to your doorstep. You can browse through the hundreds of products available in different categories such as Vitamins, Personal Care, Beauty Products, and Mom&Baby. Highest standards are used to assure product handling safety.

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frequently asked questions.

What is Juleb?
Pharmacy in your pocket. You can order any pharmacy product via our mobile application and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.
Is Juleb available on Android and iPhone?
Yes, it is in the Apple & Play store available for free downloads.
Why should I use Juleb app rather than calling to order?
More convenient, higher accuracy, and assure quality by:
  • Seeing the product picture, price & description clearly
  • View new products, check new deals and featured products
  • Verifying your order value before you confirm
  • Using live chat for support
  • View your past order history
What areas do we deliver to?
Currently, we only deliver in Jeddah but very soon we will be expanding all over Saudi Arabia.
What are the delivery times?

Saturday - Thursday: 10 AM – 12 AM

Friday: 5 PM – 12 AM

How do I place an order on Juleb app?
Add products to cart → Adjust quantity if needed → Submit order → Pinpoint Location → Receive order confirmation → Products will be delivered to doorstep.
Can I place an order without creating an account?
No, but creating an account is very simple and easy!
Can I order prescription products?
At this moment we process only non-prescription products available in pharmacies which includes Personal Care, Vitamins & Wellness, Baby Care, and all other Consumer Health Products.
What kind of products are available?
Products that are registered with Saudi FDA & available in pharmacies in Saudi Arabia.
Where do the products come from?
Products are dispensed from trusted pharmacies near you.
How do Juleb’s prices compare to market?
Our prices are retail prices set by suppliers. However, we try to find good deals and list them on the offer page located in home screen.
Do you have special offers?
Yes we will have offers with unique combinations that are offered at discounted prices.
What is the product return and refund policy?
We do not refund or exchange. However, If it was our mistake we will do the replacement or refund within 24 hours of order delivery. Some exceptions will be considered if justified; products have to be sealed and in perfect shape.
Can I cancel my order?
You can not cancel order once confirmation is received.
Do you have Credit Card services?
Currently, we will only have Cash on Delivery but soon we will add Credit Card services.
How much does it cost me to use Juleb app services?
Its free to use the app: once you place an order you will pay product price + delivery charges.
If I’m not happy with my order, who should I contact?
We would love to hear your feedback and we will do our best to solve the issue. You can immediately contact our customer service line on +966 5 5996 8001 or email us on
How can I contact Juleb?
Customer service line +966 5 5996 8001 or email us on

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