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Welcome to the Summit Tech Wiki. This wiki is for internal information only, and access should never be given to non-summit employees. Please do not store passwords or other information that could be used to compromise the enterprise network or the networks of any of our clients.

Hello Summit Techies

The best way to navigate Wiki is to use the SiteMap

Wiki Structure


Contains pages specific to each customer or partner we work with. This will also contain network configurations, credentials, points of contact, etc…


All information related to demos.


Contains encyclopedic information such as definitions, standards, and feature sets. Note:

  • Details about customer networks or accounts for specific projects should go under customers.
  • Details about specific summit products (ACS, CAP, NAB, …) should go into products


Contains procedures that staff may be required to perform regularly, such as:

  • Restarting our servers like the SBC
  • Managing users in the IMS core
  • Setting up a build environment for Windows/Mac/Blackberry
  • Release process for customers


This section is for Summit internal information only.


This entire section is for and owned by the web team

Wiki Guiding Principles

  1. Add a wiki page only when needed. If someone needs information that only you know, that is a good reason to create a wiki page.
  2. Is there an existing landing page for the information you seek?
    • If yes, link to it
    • If no, create a new landing page
  3. Don't add a level 1 / 2 category unless absolutely necesary
  4. Please write proper english
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