I remember them.

You have something I want.

We'll play a game.

Everything has to be paid for.


I got up earlier to see you.


We're just beginning.

The chariest maid is prodigal enough if she unmask her beauty to the moon.

What's the best way to chop an onion?


The addict died from a drug overdose.

You can improve your English if you try.

I took a close shot of her face.


This is just awesome.

That was again completely wrong!

Do you think you can make it to the party?


She was standing in the front of the classroom.

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Brad was injured when a large chunk of ice slid off the roof and hit him.

I will know the people of the country better.

It's time to begin downsizing.

I am thinking of going to Los Angeles.

It's possible Soohong might not come.


I told them that I wasn't busy.


We work from dawn until dusk.

As soon as he graduated, he left town.

Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves. All we need is to imagine our ability to love developing until it embraces the totality of men and the earth.

I still haven't eaten.

Do you have any plans for the summer vacation?

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You know very well what she wants.


You know what they say.

I intend to do more than that.

He translated this piece of writing on Zen Buddhism.

No other river is longer than the Shinano.

Footsteps outside the house. It sounded like someone jumping from the wall.

Malloy began to move.

Where's the rest of the money?

I thought it was just going to be another boring day at school.

In the beginning I found it hard to get used to.

Dan managed to prove his innocence.

How am I supposed to do that?

I'm comfortable here.

Elliot doesn't want to eat anything else.

I'm very ashamed of myself about what I've done.

He hasn't injured you, has he?

Dale blinked again.

His firm was on the rocks in a brief space of time.

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As a child, Van Horne collected fossils.

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I'll take you to the bus stop.


To which animal would you compare me?

I thought that I had lost my keys.

Thank you for doing the cooking while I was sick in bed.

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Unfortunately, my father isn't at home.

"What time is it now?" - "Half two". - "Deary me! I had wanted to get to bed a bit earlier this evening!"

Both wooden pieces are different shapes.

What does this mean in Arabic?

I can't speak Uyghur.


What a sad story!

My grandmother was gradually becoming forgetful and frail.

He looked right and left.

You must take what Spass said with a pinch of salt.

Andreas didn't struggle.

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Malcolm got what he wanted.


She was very happy.

I have three younger sisters.

I hear they're pretty good.


Don't put the wallet on the top of the heater.


I have three children.


You'll get caught.


Get your coat, Bret.


There're many rich Americans. On the other hand some Americans are very poor.

Sri knows better than to fight with you.

Why do you not answer?

Ice turns to water when it gets warm.

I don't usually eat red meat.

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Let's decide with a coin toss.

You are still keeping secrets from me.

Yes, I went yesterday.

What else can I add?

Sangho screams a lot.

I found it easy to answer the question.

Nothing is as pleasant as a walk in the morning.

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You must be the Jacksons.


I had to do it you fool!

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The city walls are so beautiful!

Jong twisted the truth.

He answered my questions by the exercise of his excellent memory.

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Shawn was in the streetcar.

The way he talks and acts, you can tell he's a redneck.

You carried nothing.


He speaks without an accent.

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Sundaresan is observant, isn't he?

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I will write to him at once.

I don't like any of these hats.

My evolved Time Ark will increase your abilities.

I'm sick and tired of his story.

Did Alvin tell you about Clayton?

Vince and Giles talked past each other.

Get out! I don't want to talk to you!


Turn the radio down a little.

I guess I have no choice but to work out now.

Sorrel lives on the other side of the hill.

I'll see her no more.

Tell him how you're feeling.


I tried to talk to Alf.


After eating the ice cream, my stomach began to hurt.


The school authorities started to take action at their request.

Everett should sue them.

Complete the following form to know who you could have been in a previous life.

I don't have a job.

You won't believe what I've got.

She has many faults, but I trust her none the less.

Bear in mind what he said.

I would've preferred not to be here.

I'm sorry, but I'm busy right now.


I am telling a story.


We would often discuss our future.

To the white glass, I added glass of various colours, producing a pretty feel.

Daryl was afraid that he wouldn't get to school on time.

I've been asked to help you.

I have a package for a Mr. Smith.

Let me kiss you one last time.

Don't go, Hume.

I'm flying to Hanoi tomorrow.

There are a lot of famous old buildings in Kyoto.

Kimberly hates driving when it's foggy.

One of the two has to leave.

You're skating on very thin ice.

The bus driver was not impressed when Piete pulled out a $50 note to pay his fare.


He didn't understand his joke.

You have the right to know.

"Let's dance." "I thought you'd never ask."

Let Omar take care of it.

She is wearing dancing shoes.


Find out where Ray is.

We are confronted with a difficult situation.

We'll all be dead in thirty years.

Is that where you intend to go?

It's very exciting.


Betty will be there as well.

Is that why you won't help them?

It's quite ironic.

We've been waiting over two months.

We're with the FBI.

I want you to bring them.

He flatly refused her requests for help.


I think Monica is obstinate.

Her car broke down on the interstate.

A trip to Mars would be a once in a lifetime experience.


Why does everyone think I'm stupid?

That will not be permitted.

Workers in France receive four weeks of paid vacation each year.

Vilhelm talks about you all the time.

Something extraordinary happened.


She doesn't seem to know what to do with her leisure time.


How do I get over the river?

It was a strange interview.

You'll never be as good as her.

Naim didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The girl playing the piano is my sister.