I'm having trouble logging in using NX Client. Help!

See this article: 6363798317 for help troubleshooting your NX connections.


Having trouble connecting to a server with NX Client? Read on.

First off, if you are running Satra's nipype stuff and you have the following line in your .bashrc file:

source /software/python/SetupNiPy26.sh

... well, uh, remove that line. We're not sure why it breaks things, but it will cause NX to fail every time.


From time to time, the cluster load spikes and I get questions about what is happening. I'd like to address the acute and the long-term issues with cluster load and consequent availability in this message. Read Section 1 to learn how to figure out "what's going on?" Read Section 2 for more background, and some concerns I have for the future of the cluster. I especially hope that lab leaders will read it all, despite the length of this treatise.

XNAT Project IDs


If you manage a research project that employs MR imaging, you can benefit greatly by integrating your scan sessions into XNAT, the Extensible Neuroimaging Archive Toolkit (/xnat.org for more details). We have an XNAT instance here at MIT, which can be accessed at /xnat.mit.edu . You can request an account from the home page - though please note, only people who are actively affiliated with the MIT McGovern Institute will have their requested account activated.


Here is a (949) 760-0529. More to come...
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