And why would I do that?

Rik was just trying to do the right thing.

I think you're lazy.

She's a girl, but she's brave.


Now don't freak out, OK?

I found out a huge sealed box when I opened my house's door.

He's a funny guy.

Get the rubbish out of the building.

Anatole began to worry about how he would pay for his son's education.

She isn't a good cook.

You should pay more attention to nutrition.

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Can we roller-skate in this park?

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We'll only wait three more hours.

The city hall is located at the center of the city.

Let dinner wait.

Brad Pitt is an actor.

I know that look.

Edward's not at all happy with the situation, but is prepared to accept it.

Geoff is a blabbermouth.


Having no destination, I am never lost.

Darryl gave Lisa a lift to work.

I won't tell them.

At night I lay awake waiting for the break of dawn.

I don't have the time to do that right now.

So the man said.

Where do you want to go and spend your vacation?


I lodged a complaint with the police.

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Alfred was afraid of being captured by the enemy.

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What's your favorite treat?

How long have we been friends?

I've had a bad week.

Everything is all right now.

Having nothing to do, I watched television.


Ralph was waiting for Trevor.


She needed five stitches.


She's sloppy and careless.

That makes perfect sense.

The debate was terminated abruptly after a water balloon was thrown at the stage.


We have a lot more work to do.

Stephe noticed that Piete was looking at him.

Don't be mean.


My brother lives there.

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I was just trying to be polite.

That old man had been making moonshine for fifty years.

I don't want Vijay to see it.

In one month there are four weeks.

Our train left at two, arriving there at seven.

He will soon return home.

She bought a hair brush and a tooth brush.


Yvonne seems to have a new girlfriend.

Honey is made by honey bees.

What lies ahead?

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Just put yourself in my shoes.

That's usually not a good idea.

They're making something or other here.


Gabriel found Louiqa repulsive.

That's your decision.

I'm not wiping your tables.

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Life is full of confusing things.


This is for keeps.

The museum is worth a visit.

Don't be late.

There's a chance he won't play on Friday.

Let's grab a bite to eat.

It is unheard of in my company.

My grandfather is sick.

I heard you were thinking of resigning.

Have you ever started this engine?


They not only rejected the study of science out of the christian schools, but they persecuted it.

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We'll be fast.

This sentence is incorrect.

What is the maximum dosage for an adult?

I'm sorry to interrupt you.

Smoking may be harmful to his heart.

I haven't found a job yet.

I missed seeing the film.

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Dan didn't even apply for the job.


What history teaches us is that men have never learned anything from it.


Presley decided to snoop around and see what he could find out.

What's the fastest way to get to the airport from here?

The Filipino woman wanted to learn English so that one day she could emigrate to the Anglosphere.

Think looks like a girl.

I never thought we would actually do this.


Is it true they're planning on raising the minimum wage?


Whenever I lie down on my bed and read a book, I fall asleep.

They're the ones that beat Christian up.

I met Shakil on the street.

What does this have to do with Grant?

Sjouke practices the piano every day.

Kane was an old friend of the president.

We had a pleasant ride home.

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He is in love with her, but he tries to conceal his feelings.

Jitendra took a creative writing class.

It really bugged me out at first.

I had him fix my watch.

You ought to find nice shoes here.

I think you're jealous.

Sugih wanted to know the truth.

His unhappiness when he heard her voice changed into happiness.

For all you say, I still believe in the truth of the theory.

This is the best party ever.

We eat at six.

I think you should see this.

The calculator showed the correct answer.

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You said you wanted to spend time with Rob.


Don't try to pass the buck.

Laurianne is insolent.

The world is dangerous.

It is the tallest tree that I ever saw.

I don't know why Samuel did it.

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"Where are my glasses?" "You left them on the kitchen table."

I haven't had enough to drink yet.

He is engaged in the study of energy.


Claudia was the one who thought that we should take a break.

None of them are present.

You didn't really mean that, did you?

He can't tell the real thing from the fake.

I was full of shame at my rudeness.


Go and see if Mr. Wilson is at home.


Don't call him.

Today has been extremely lame.

Ssi knows Boston.


We weren't allowed backstage.


The classical periodization of history studies in Ancient times, the Middle Ages and Modern Era is based on a Eurocentrist world view.

After he had done his homework, he watched TV.

That woman's got two bags.

What do you plan to do after you retire?

She overslept.


I couldn't keep up with them.

I have less and less time for reading.

He was wide awake.

You shouldn't be here today.

They wanted a bigger discount.

Ethan squeezed Markus's arm gently.

The apple is red.

I wish we could ask Willie to help.

We need to do what we need to do.

Life goes on.

The architect boasted that he had received a prestigious award.

We saw a good film yesterday.

He had a little operation on his left leg.


My daughter is buying milk in the shop.

Are my socks dry already?

Fresh vegetables are very dear in winter.

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I won't let all that commercialism ruin my Christmas.

The green water is not suitable for drinking.

I've finally got some vacation coming as of the end of this week.

That seems like an affordable price.

"What are you doing with the manure? "I'm putting it on the strawberries." "Disgusting! We eat them with cream!"

Dion seldom speaks to me anymore.

He is as tall as my father.

I didn't go out last Sunday.

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you just said.


She must go there.

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Today is my parents' wedding anniversary.

I received a letter from her to the effect that she couldn't accept my marriage proposal.

Louie put air in the tires.


Thank you for being concerned about my mental health.

A stench emanated from the rotting corpses.

You should be all set.