About SD-WAN

SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide-Area-Network. This technology allows you to manage all the routers for your entire company through a single dashboard controller.

SD-WAN enables you to:

  • Perform remote installations for different branches, making for a quick, inexpensive, and seamless roll-out.
  • Remotely track and manage the performance of your network from your SD-WAN dashboard controller.

How does it work?

SD WAN utilizes different lines of internet to ensure optimization of all IT needs – SAAS, voice over IP, emails, etc. Using different lines of internet allows you to take advantage of public broadband internet connections alongside MPLS, instead of relying solely on expensive, private MPLS networks. This helps lower your costs AND increases your overall network performance.

SD-WAN provides intelligence that:

  • Knows how to leverage multiple lines/paths of internet to deliver optimal performance.
  • Analyzes the locally attached services and provide a map of the performance conditions.
  • Analyzes the intelligence, patterns, and traffic flows that applications require.
  • Manages the policies that the customer sets to steer application flows.
  • Directs application traffic to the path that will deliver the best results.

In short, SD-WAN lets you set your priorities, predicts traffic patterns and utilizes different lanes to ensure traffic never stops you or slows you down!

SD-WAN is vital in allowing your applications, and your business, to continue to function and move at the fast pace that you require.

SD-WAN increases functionality and flow of internet traffic

Want to get your business set up on SD-WAN?