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Last updated: July 4rd, 2017

Hello there, boys and girls! Tonight we have another special chubby loving video for our fans. This one is at least as hot as the last one, if not even hotter, because we have Tyung being fucked in every fuck hole by a big and thick cock.

Take a look of how Tyung found another chubbyloving stud to ride and suck. It is about her handsome boss who will shove his cock inside of our beautiful and big woman. Kitty will take off her bra and some incredibly huge boobs will pop out. Watch how this guy starts to kiss and touch those big tits and that fat belly. After that, Tyung will drop on her knees and will wrap her juicy lips around that hard cock. With a hand gripping the hair, she will do some balls-deep deep throats and will hardly suck on that cock. Take a look of how she is riding this stud after that and how she is moaning in pleasure the whole time. And do not miss the end when you will see our sexy lady sprayed with nasty jizz all over that cute face. If you're looking for similar videos, enter the 3176045506 site and see some busty voluptuous babes getting fucked!
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Hi, once again! Chubby loving was thinking about the fans tonight that’s why we brought you something really hot and special tonight. You will see Christal being hammered by huge cocks and her pretty fuck holes will be stuffed roughly.

Christal just found this two chubbyloving studs at the pool. They were in the moon for a hot threesome, so they shared Christal. Our big and beautiful lady started by bobbing her head on one cock. Watch her sucking and slurping on that big dick with a hand gripping the hair, doing some nice deep throats. Then she will be fucked on doggy style position, by those two studs. Her cunt will be stuffed with a hard cock while getting her tongue fucked at the same time. After this rough fucking from behind and deep throats, our girl will take one guy for a ride to test out her big ass. Also, the other guy will shove his cock in her mouth again. Watch how those huge boobs are squeezed and how that big ass is slapped loudly.  Do not miss the end when Christal will get the taste of cum that she deserves in her pretty mouth and her face will be sprayed all over with nasty jizz. And if you cum back next week, we will have another fresh  video with horny beautiful big women getting hammered by big cocks. Also you can visit nakedfatgirls.org blog and watch other fat girls sucking and fucking!


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Hello there, everyone! A new and fresh chubby loving porn update was prepared for you tonight. This time you will get to see beautiful and big babe being hammered by an incredibly good looking stud. These two will make you really excited and in the mood for some hardcore sex session.

This guy seems to be a very lucky man, because he just met S. and she is all horny and in the mood for some action. Being a chubbyloving, he will give Sofia a passionate oral sex so our girl will moan in pleasure in the beginning. To reward his kindness, she is dropping on her knees and is wrapping those juicy lips around his hard cock. After this, he will stuff her pretty pussy with that hard dick and S. will be all excited and horny, asking for more. Watch him fucking her hard and squeezing those hot curves with huge tips and wide tempting hips. But this is not all, in the end, S. will show this guy what a deep-throat means and like that will finish him by sucking. For similar galleries check out (918) 260-7129 blog and watch other fatties sucking and fucking!


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Hello there, everybody! Last time we have promised a fresh chubby loving update for tonight. We have it now and it is super hot. You will have front row seats on Sonia’s show. She will get pounded by a hard and black cock and her sexy curves will be shown all over the camera.

Our big sexy lady seems to have the moment of her life, enjoying here a rough sex session with her boyfriend. This couple will get you in the mood for some hardcore action. Watch Sonia starting generously with an oral sex made by a pro with deep throats and licked balls. That big cock will be all hard and big, as she likes, and her eager pussy will be stuffed with it. Those thick legs will be upped in the air and her slutty hands will squeeze those huge and sexy bobbies.  Do not miss the end when our girl sucked once again on that hard black dick until she got a nice cumshot on that smiling face. And if you liked our update for tonight, cum back next for some more chubby fucking and horny big and beautiful women. Also you can visit the xlgirls.us blog and watch other chubby chicks getting their wet pussies fucked!

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Hi once again, boys and gals! Tonight chubbyloving was thinking that it would be a good idea to surprise their fans with an incredibly beautiful chubby lady. She is one of the most BBW porn industry has. This time she will give her huge boobs to be fucked by a hard cock and she wanted to share this innocent pleasure with you.

Because she is a hungry for cocks lady, she will always have something to share with the porn industry.  This time she was the one who was picked up by this young and good looking stud. She could not miss the opportunity to have a little fun, so they both went to her place and, after they turned on the camera, they started “the party”. Watch her starting with a fast blowjob, stuffing her pretty mouth with that young cock. After awhile, 2698155206 and that hard cock will go between fucking them fast and hard. This sexy lady will be bended and fucked from behind and in the end she will get a nice load of cum on that worthy tongue and lips. If you liked this chubby loving scene, you can watch this great Allkindsofgirls Sasha video and see another chubby chick getting her holes stuffed! Have fun!



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Hello there, everyone! Are you ready for a hot chubby loving videos update? I hope you are because tonight we have something special for you. This big and sexy babe is getting naughty again and she wants to share with you this hot experience. This time, our lady felt hungry for a fat cock and after she found it, she did not lose any second.

Take a look of how this chubbyloving stud is giving his hard cock to Kendra. And our lady will know what to do with it. You will see her big butt and huge tits all over the camera in this update. After she takes all her clothes off, she is dropping on her knees and her little face fuck hole will be stuffed with that extra fat and big cock. Watch her sucking like a pro, doing a (786) 464-5894. She will suck and slurp until that big dick is ready for the next stage.


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Chubby Loving – BBW Threesome

Hello, my dear sex addicted friends! Tonight we have prepared another fresh hot chubby loving video update. Are you ready for some hardcore sex with big lady and two crazy studs with some hard and big cocks shoved in some tight fuck holes? She is one of the most beautiful chubby porn star and now she is ready to share with everyone her new adventure.

It seems like she was in the mood for a threesome today. So she picked up these two guys and took them home for a one night stand. Now she is generous enough to share with everyone this love for double penetration. Watch her starting with a professional blowjob made by taking turns to those huge cocks, After that, she will be laid on the couch and her cunt will be stuffed with one of those thick dicks while getting her tongue fucked at the same time. Then the guys will give her a healthy double penetration, one that she will remember for a long time. Her huge bobbies will be rubbed and you will see them all over the camera going up and down while fucking. In the end her naughty mouth will be filled up with nasty jizz and her pretty face will be sprayed, dribble of load cum running down on it.  Do not miss our next update if you wanna see another big horny lady fucked by some hard cock. If you liked this beauty, join the www.lycraass.net blog and see some beautiful ladies showing off their big asses!

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Hello there, once again! Last time you ha a good time with our sexy chubby loving model, that’s why we want to continue what we have started. That’s why, for tonight, chubbyloving brings to you this incredibly beautiful woman with a big butt, huge tits and round belly who will do anything it takes to satisfy a men…and, trust me, she knows what she is doing!

Her name is Annabelle and she is one of those sexy round and chubby women who will not ask for a sex session, she will take it. She will do anything you could ever imagine. So when she grabbed this stud with a big and hard cock the only thing that came in her dirty mind was how to take that cock out of his pants. After that moment, she wrapped her juicy lips around the cock and started to suck hard and fast on it.


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Hi there, everyone! Tonight we will bring to you a new chubby loving pics update, as we’ve promised. You will see here a beautiful and big sexy blonde in a super hot pink lingerie sucking on a hard cock. Let me introduce you this sexy babe.

Our sexy redhead is a true cock lover meaning that she would suck anything that crosses her path. She thought that it would be a great idea if she would join the chubbyloving club. There she found this hot stud who was willing to give that hard cock to her. From there, she knew what to do next with it. So take a look of how she is dropping on her knees and wrapping her juicy lips around that thick cock, sucking and slurping until she gets a thick healthy dose of cum load on that pretty face. Her huge boobs will be rub and squeezed and her sexy skin will be all over the camera just for your delight. Do not miss the moment when she will do a balls-deep deep throat so that our guy to finish and to fulfill her hot ass with cum. Dribble of jizz will run down her butt cheeks in the end.




Hello once again, boys and girls! Chubby loving porn brings to you tonight a super hot and special update. You will see here a incredibly beautiful woman with a pare of huge boobs and some extremely hot curves. This gorgeous woman will have her sweet pussy hammered by a stud with a big and hard cock. Let me introduce you Tyung – a beautiful and big woman with some professionals porn skills.

Our Tyung did the most inspired thing when she joined the porn industry, because a beauty like she can not be kept only for one person. She is a amazing beautiful woman and her sexy curves will make you dreaming of putting your hard cock inside of those pretty fuck holes. Here you will see her sucking hard on that big dick just before her pussy to be filled up with it. Watch her moaning in pleasure when this stud shoved his dick inside of that pretty pussy. In the end she will take all his cum load on that cute face and in her naughty mouth, swallowing every drop. Cum back next week for more chubby loving made by beautiful and big women. Also you can enter the 581-258-4133 site and watch other chubby chicks sucking and fucking!


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