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Ritchey knows that Leif doesn't like him very much.


The dream has become a reality.

New York is called the Big Apple.

He was at the airport to meet Mr West.

We have to analyze that.

Ask Daryl how he's feeling.


I won't ask why you want that.

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We consulted plenty of people.

"Just close your eyes," whispered Mahesh, and when Polly closed her eyes, he kissed her softly on the lips.

Which way should we go?


I paid 40,000 yen for this tape recorder.

Don't you start talking like that.

I'm sure that it'll be fun.

She said goodbye to me.

"Mikael likes Cary." "Tell me something I don't know."

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Kyung is outside.


I'm hungry because I haven't eaten.

Erik wants answers.

She has a cheerful disposition.


My mother never wanted to be just a housewife.


Janice asked Valentin to repeat what she had just said.


I've changed my job.

There are more stars in the sky than I can count.

Rebecca made for the exit.

I'm to be blamed for that matter.

I'm eighteen.


He would sit in the sun doing nothing.


If it hadn't been for the seatbelt, I wouldn't be alive today.

I'll write to him again.

Scientists of the 19th century believed that the Sun was powered by chemical reactions.

Doing that will be a mistake.

His whole family is like that.

I really hope that doesn't happen.

I belong to the rugby football club.


This is a beautiful spot.

Children are really looking forward to summer vacation.

Please speak slowly and clearly.

Everybody did their part.

We have to buy it from abroad.

If you have gum in your mouth, spit it out.

Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

My parents were behind me every step of the way.

I've done everything I can to help.

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Her classmates folded three hundred and fifty-six cranes so that one thousand were buried with her.

You must reboot your computer.

What men don't see, God sees.


Both Ami and Laurie were screaming.


The situation is worse than I thought.


What places are you planning to visit in your travels? And how? And why?

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They took it out into the street, and Frederic let them have it. Santa put them down one by one, and the spectacle really drew a crowd.


My glasses started to slip down my nose.

Democracy exists where there is nobody so rich to buy another and nobody so poor to be supplied.

Don't go anywhere without her.

I can't help opposing the marriage.

I'm a little hesitant to ask a favor of that person.

Several people have been accused of breaking the law.

We'll be there in three hours.

When I see you, you always remind me of my brother.

By reading books and discussing concepts, a person can gain wisdom and tolerance of differing ideas.

Feeling sick, he stayed home from school.

I told him I was going out.

Mr. Smith ran his sluggish horse along the country roads.

Roxanne isn't very good at concealing the way he really feels.

It seems to run in the family.

Jorge never spoke to Kristian again after that day.

Formerly, this city was beautiful.

Were you drinking?


I'm not amusing you.

In the end, it's not that bad.

If you climb up this mountain, you'll reach the lab.

He squinted.

Your software should be updated.

Vince wondered why Ravi wasn't able to play outside with the other kids.

How bad could it be?

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There's no need to do that.

I've been to Osaka on business.

He pretended that he was a lawyer.

The children were gathering around.

Do it by all means.

Let's go for Chinese.

Bobbie and Susanne are with John.

They all swim very fast.

Vladislav was tired.

If someone could tell me why this happened, I'd appreciate it.

Ginny has absolutely no idea what he's supposed to do.


He offered to help me.

The more you hate Dan, the more he will keep coming.

They argued about the sentence.

The time has come.

Tell Shai that I'm hungry.

I don't want to see it.

Dani asked Hugh to sit down.


I was disqualified.

His remarks came home to me.

He was nominated for the presidency.

A gulf divided him from them.

I'm new at this.


Yeah, she must be the sure thing!


I don't want you to change.


King scratched his nose.

Thanks a lot, teacher!

I shouldn't have gotten so angry.

How often do you call your parents?

The First Solar System War in the year 2685 devastated parts of Earth.


I will be seeing her again one of these days.

Clearly, Lojban is easier than Postscript.

He loves Hokkaido.

This may end up being somebody else's problem.

I saw her leaving the room.

His study absorbs him.

The boys and girls paired off for the dance.

A sound mind in a sound body.

She asked too many questions at church.

The train leaves at half past ten, so I'll call for you at ten.

The young woman, supported by Shaw, remained a few moments without talking, looking at the island that was disappearing on the horizon.

For the crime of first degree murder, this court hereby sentences you to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

She walked as far as Shinjuku.

Do a little work! You'll lose some weight.

I love elderberry juice.

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Dawson can't stay here by himself.

I was born on a farm.

Can I have a cookie?

I guess that she is 40.

He hopes to entice her into doing what he wants.

If it rains on that day, the game will be postponed until the next fine day.

I want it all.


Do you like Avery's new Halloween costume?


He was late as a result of the accident.

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I'm not abandoning them.

He will not do it.

I could hardly refuse Theo's help.

Sekar has at least three children.

My sister's getting married to one of her old classmates.

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We know little about his personal life.

I have become good at writing Japanese.

Can you think of anyone Wilson might know here?

Turn off the TV, will you?

The dog is barking at her.

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Manuel heard footsteps approaching.

I'll talk with her.

You forgot our wedding anniversary.

How well can you skate?

We're working hard.

She's open-minded.

Thusnelda the cow is the subject of this sentence.

I don't think you'd like that.

You are so cute.

She's proud to be a Catholic.

He sold his own car without hesitation.

Norbert wants to tell you something important.

Are you learning English?


We have to try harder.

A book can be thrilling.

A cat lay at full length on the roof.

This looks like a trap.

Things are going too fast.


What's the most famous college in the world?

Butter is sold by the pound in the USA.

Vladimir broke his leg in a ski race.

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In this town, there is only one train station.

By the way, how old is Pilar, anyway?

Families want to educate their children and can, in principle, defray the costs with the greater incomes that education generates.

The witch cast a spell on the naughty boy.

Ira said that he didn't know how to speak French.