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for Yuechao Hou @2016
Undergraduate Capstone Design

Face Detection


Used Adaboost with LBP as pre-filter and CNN as classifier to improve accuracy of the face detection.

Train models

Built Convolutional Neural Networks model inspired by Cifar-10 on Caffe to train with aflw database.


Applied NMS algorithm to eliminate duplicate frames(in C++).

Face Detection
Caculator for programmer
For Programmer

Web Calculator

Simple Design

The calculator is designed with simple grid format and concise colors to meet the the aesthetic of programmers.

Different Arthmetic Operation

To help programmers do the calculation during programming, the calculator supports binary, octal, decimal (default) and hexadecimal operations.


With the internet access, users enjoy the flexibility of using the calculator with any mobile device.

For Doctors

Gesture Recognition


Detect users' gestures with Kinect v1 sensor.


Designed envelope curve detection and contour feature extraction algorithm.


Implemented the segmentation of hand image from complex backgrounds.

Gesture Recognition
HoloLens application in medical field
For Doctors

3D Model Viewer


This is a small demo for my internship in sleeping suit Company. The idea is to help surgeons locate the cancer part to cut off during the operation.

Different Control Adjustment

Doctors can use gaze, voice and gestures to control the model including rotation and translation.

Image Recognition

Based on Vuforia, the applicaiton implement the image recognition and tracking.

NS-2 simulation

Black-hole detection in ad-hoc network

Environment simulated

Modeled 50 nodes with route detection and processing packets function based on NS2 platform.


Implemented safety strategy (watchdog detection algorithm) to prevent hostile attacks.


Visualized the whole MANET environment simulation and analyzed packets tracing records

NS-2 simulation

Preset Colors

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