I don't feel like talking anymore.

They had a lot of kids.

Please disregard this notice if your shipment has already been made.

She promised me.

I know you're hiding somewhere.

When's Sylvan going to get here?

I'm sure he'll go.

Our hot-air balloon rose into the sky.

The winter chaos is driving me crazy, but soon the holidays will come.

I have to get up very early tomorrow morning.

The political party crossed the margin of five percent in the first polls.

I didn't want to give it up.

Terrance isn't going to budge.

I just want to make sure we're all on the same page.


If you come back this afternoon, I'll have a couple of experts here for you.

What was Tuan singing?

Do you feel sorry for Leigh yet?

I am thinking of getting it translated into English.

I am studying languages. I can help you if you want me to. And maybe I'd like you to help me.


I lost another chance.

It is said that the girl sold her body.

The invitation said that popcorn and soft drinks would be served.

The candidates thoroughly argued the point.

I think it can be no other reason but that.

Jennie narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

People say that I dream every night, but if I do, I can't ever remember any of my dreams.


This escapes my jurisdiction.

You've got to get them talking.

Please close the curtains.

Nobody listened to me.

I don't see how that is any of your business.

Rest here for a bit.

He acknowledged his mistake.

I need a sincere friend.

If I get rich, I will buy it.

If you really try, you should be able to do it.

She opened her backpack.

If this does not obtain, we cannot say that the function is monotone increasing.

I've been teaching The some manners.

Space told us to wait.

Kristen smiled affably.

Now that I am here, you don't have to worry.

Wolfgang has denied everything.

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We must be careful that this never happens again.

The size of a man's laundry bill is no criterion of his income.

She couldn't answer the question.

Why don't they just come and get us?

Niels has never been fishing in his life.

I think Masanobu is inconsiderate.

Val welded the pipes together.

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Polly comes here almost every day.


Is there another word for synonym?

If you don't clean your room, you won't even have a place to stand, don't you think?

It's a custom to celebrate Christmas.


Couldn't you just do it later?


Now I offer you my death.

I was a little upset.

Maybe I should just stay home.

Have you ever inflated a balloon as big as this one?

Are you learning French?

To love our neighbors is our duty.

Get Mitch some food.


I'm watching the Olympics.

He settled himself in a chair.

Dan increased the speed of the train.

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If I were a foreigner, I probably wouldn't be able to eat raw fish.

She woke up naked on the floor.

We'll have to make some tough choices.

You hair is a mess.

Keep the dictionary ready at hand.

Do you want Kyu to do that for you?

Irving will pay the bill.


Don't be ridiculous! We are not descended from apes, we only have a common ancestor.

He holds a very enlightened attitude toward working women.

Celeste pulled some money out of his pocket.


Any child can do that.

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I like the kind of music that Hank writes.

Trent is parking the car.

They're after us.

It is a picture that I like very much.

Fred isn't studying French anymore.

I'm a nurse.

You're my girlfriend.

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It's good to be able to concentrate single-mindedly on one's work. But one becomes completely forgetful of the people around oneself.

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Kazuhiro actually seems happy.


How is the weather in your country?

The businessman withdrew from the transaction.

He is looking at a photo of his friend.

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Here be dragons.

What year is it?

We can't let them die.

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Kathleen dreamed about Joni.

This is a translation of a nonexisting sentence.

The hourglass will indicate the end of the fight.


He always seems to be living rent-free in somebody's house.

I have already had my breakfast.

We just don't know the answer to that.


Lester speaks French better than his classmates.


I'm so sick of you complaining about the weather.

Takeuchi would have become a boxer if his mother had let him.

She was poor, but she was honest.

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I wish you were a little more like me.

You should lay by something against a rainy day.

Did you and Sehyo have an argument today?

Avery is absent-minded.

There was a fire in this city last night. We can't tell exactly what time it broke out.

Could you wrap it in Christmas wrapping?

They asked a medical expert to do more research.

There's something I forgot to tell you.

There were three men.


My brother insisted on going there alone.

The United States had become a world power.

This has got me beat.

Doug works for a trading company in Boston.

The shoes are worn out.

Emil tried to impress Ric by driving very fast on the Autobahn, but it didn't work.

Milner is wearing leather shorts.

The poet lived here some twenty odd years.

Do your homework right now.

That would be humiliating.

He had proposed to me in front of the church.

You're kind.

I expected to make new friends when I moved to Boston.


The earthquake triggered a powerful tsunami.

The mayor said that lawbreakers wouldn't be tolerated.

It was no coincidence that both Sergio and Ernie were in the cafeteria at the same time.

Why do you love me?

I've lost something.


Earle and I worked together in Boston.

Eat your broccoli or you won't get any dessert!

He made two mistakes in the English test.


I thought Ray was Torsten's girlfriend.

I would like to write a book.

He won't leave me alone.

What is it, Elsa?

We haven't seen each other for such a long time.

Did you tell Thuan about the fire?

Who's that with Rusty?


Straka opened the sliding door to let John and Gunnar in.


I'll visit soon.

I will not tolerate this.

Have you ever interrupted your manager?

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Suzan works for a food bank.

She was hurt in the accident.

An old Witch met him on the road. She was very ugly to look at: her under-lip hung down to her breast.

Why did you take this job?

What an attractive woman!

I just needed a change.

Are you staying with her?

She is looking up at me with impassive eyes.

I'm thinking of going to the States during the summer vacation.

He wants to dispose of his land.

Takayuki is in casual clothes.

Which team will most likely win?

Where can you get tickets?

Every Monday Mrs. Evans washed all the family's clothes in the zinc bathtub.

Are you sick of me?

Ethan needs your help right away.

How close are you to them?

She's still active in the front lines.

Two or three other people have asked me that question.


Oneself decides whether it is important.


Even if your goals seem out of reach, stay motivated!

My son tripped and cut his forehead on the corner of the coffee table.

It's a tough choice.

We are not going to stay at the hotel again.

That's worth three hundred dollars.

Mott wasn't there last week.

Simon knows what he wants to say to Victor.