EnAbleU2 is a Christian Network with a heart to provide spiritual, economical and moral support to followers of Christ. It’s both an online platform and an organic community committed to unearthing the many and varied gifts that God has given to us all, and by utilising the gifts of teaching, coaching and mentoring we are aiming to encourage and build up the body of Christ.

As followers of Christ who have spent lots of time in many different church contexts we have noticed that many believers haven’t had the training or the opportunities to both unearth and to grow in their spiritual and physical gifting’s.

EnAbleU2 is committed to providing both the coaching and the opportunities for these gifts to grow and mature and as a result, to greater impact the world through love.

We see this site as a kind of hub for believers from all over the world to come together and to connect with each other building a strong community where trust and belief in one another is restored. We understand that many of you have been hurt as you have tried to put your gifting out there so this is a community where encouragement is right at the centre of everything.


In a very practical sense EnAbleU2 is a place where a musician can find a producer, a writer can find an editor, artists, poets,teachers,dancers and movie makers,bloggers teachers speakers,mentors spiritual Fathers and Mothers can all find an audience and a place to utilise their giftings. This is a collaborative space where all gifts are highly valued and we see that the connections made here can make a real difference to the world.

Hows this all going to work?

As each individual person, group or business connects with us they can become a member and set up a free profile where they can outline their vision, their dream or passion,what they are looking for and who they are wanting to connect with to make this dream a reality.

We at EnAbleU2 will spend some time getting to know you and your vision and actively networking you with those who will benefit the most from what you bring to the table or we will work at connecting you to others who can assist you in making your dream a reality.

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We are a not for profit organisation that fully depends on gifts and donations. We would love you to join us in the process of changing lives through love.