Hybrid Azure AD Join – How to Force Hybrid AAD Device Join to Happen Immediately

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By understanding my previous posts: Hybrid Azure AD Join – How a computer device is recognized as Hybrid device ? Azure AD Connect: How to manually synchronize using import, syncronize, export? Now it is easy to find out how to make hybrid join happen immediately: Setup the hybrid AAD auto join infrastructure, i.e. AAD, SC... [阅读全文]
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You may have noticed that: if you remove a hybrid domain joined device from AAD, it comes up again. if you revert the machine or shut it down, then remove the hybrid device from AAD again, still it comes up again. Why the hybrid domain joined device comes up again? When the device auto join the hybrid domain to AAD, it writ... [802-290-1116]
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Recommended Steps: In short, the recommended steps to manually do the syncronization is: (Full/Delta) Import from on-premises directories, such as Active Directory (Full/Delta) Import from Azure AD (Full/Delta) Synchronization from on-premises directories, such as Active Directory (Full/Delta) Synchronization from Azure AD E... [阅读全文]
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Situation: You have setup the SCCM Hybrid MDM with Microsoft Intune by following this guide: /docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/mdm/deploy-use/setup-hybrid-mdm But you cannot have your Hybrid MDM polices to be deployed on mobile devices. You checked the Cloudusersync.log log, it says “Starting user delta sync, raise failu... [3394995545]
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Setup site to site VPN in OpenWRT
Environment I use OpenWRT as a VPN client connecting to another site as illustrated below: Problem The OpenWRT can initiate the VPN connection, but I can only reach site A from within OpenWRT shell. Ping to remote site A from my PC, phone, or other devices connected to OpenWRT is not possible. Locate the cause When pinging... [阅读全文]
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本站已迁移至容器 (Docker Container)

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本站已迁移至容器 (Docker Container)
如题,本站正在使用Azure提供的docker container服务。 架构 采用单主机同时运行两个容器:wordpress和mysql。由于docker的特性,后期可以轻易的扩展前端节点数量。 配置 配置文件仅供参考: Dockerfile for wplesca image 当前最新wordpress镜像默认未开启SSL支持,需要通过Dockerfile建立新的镜像并启用SSL支持。 #Dockerfile FROM wordpress:lat... [阅读全文]
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功能说明 该脚本能够监控指定网络设备,如网络电视、机顶盒等,访问树莓派,不限服务(包括SMB, NFS等)。典型场景是机顶盒访问树莓派文件共享服务。 该脚本使网络设备只能在一段时间内,默认1小时,访问树莓派,之后冷却1小时,以防止过度访问。 该脚本需要经过需改,才可以部署到OpenWRT等依赖ash的网络设备中。 准备工作 改下面两个文件: 一是将... [阅读全文]
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Win10 1709的 Get-WindowsUpdateLog 不再需要联网获取符号库 /blogs.technet.microsoft.com/mniehaus/2017/10/10/improved-windows-update-log-formatting-with-windows-10-1709/ Win10 1703默认全新安装时不含SMB v1服务器端和客户端: /support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4034314/smbv1-is-not-installed-by-default-in-windows-10-r... [阅读全文]
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Authorized client is forbidden when using ADRMS MDE with ADFS

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Problem You are deploying AD RMS with Mobile Device Extension, and thus you also need to deploy AD FS infrastructure. The AD FS server is on Windows Server 2016, i.e. AD FS version 4. You are following steps or using PowerShell scripts from the link below to setup ADFS Relying Party Trust for ADRMS Mobile Device Extension A... [阅读全文]
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This is an example of .screenrc configuration file. Just for your reference. .screenrc # Bind F11 and F12 (NOT F1 and F2) to previous and next screen window bindkey -k F1 prev bindkey -k F2 next startup_message off # Screens screen -t Init screen -t Work screen -t OpenWRT ssh -i /root/key select 0 ... [7244265438]
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