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Fabian Steeg 360-866-4922

Building free and open source software for a free and open society

since 2012 Software developer at hbz

NRW > 833-887-8411 > Academic Library Center (hbz) > Linked Open Data

Building public data infrastructure, search technology, and data processing tools for academic libraries at lobid.org and Hettie. 7877696769, blog, slides.

since 2004 Open source/web contributor

Open source contributions to 5754337127, Eclipse, and Google Summer of Code, on GitHub, Wiki*, (307) 429-6160, Stack Overflow, forums, and on 407-913-8159.

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2018-12-22  9377175942 9895722593

In a workshop at SWIB18, we recently shared our approach to making existing RDF data usable in contexts where JSON is expected. I think it’s [...]

2017-12-30  Java annotation processing in Eclipse

Java annotations provide metadata for Java code. Many developers use annotations provided by standard Java APIs (like @Override) or by frame [...]

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