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Mobile Presentation Platform

SalesFlow is a purpose-built presentation platform. It makes it easy to centrally manage presentation content for a mobile sales force.

Our web based content system makes it easy to distribute content centrally. Your sales staff will never have the wrong version of a presentation again!

Web based content management

Upload content and configure it in our CMS. When you ready, assign it to a group and publish!

Folder Management

Create folders and drag and drop different files types, including MP4, Jpeg and PDF documents.

Powerful presentations

By combining video, images and even HTML5 interactive content your presentations will have more impact.

Advanced reporting

We track how each users is using the content. We have also integrated Google Analytics to provide additional reporting metrics.

SalesFlow makes it easy to get the right content to your sales staff.

About Us

We have worked within the medical/pharmaceutical space for many years.

We have created solutions for Sanofi Aventis, Wyeth, Aspen Pharmacare and many others.

Your e-detailing platform is that best that we have ever seen.

Aspen Pharmaceuticals


Use the web based CMS to manage content from anywhere in the world.


Web based CMS

Dazzle your audience by combining video, images and even HTML5 content.

Rich media presentations

Drag and drop your content into folders and publish. It is that easy!

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Folders for custom content


In addition to our own products, have developed solutions for a number of top tier pharmaceutical companies