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The Chronicles of Pride Collection online exhibition, generously sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC Library, features contemporary portraits of First Nations and Métis individuals from Canadian artist Patricia Richardson Logie.

These portraits feature 37 individuals from many different backgrounds. From lawyers and political activists shaping reform to cultural revitalists teaching language, history and culture, these men and women have had a lasting effect on their community.

Each of these leaders have held a position of honour as a spokesperson for their culture. Educators, entrepreneurs, activists, chiefs and artists – each of these people are portrayed with pride.

“If my work as an artist has somehow helped to open doors between our people and the non-Native community, then I am glad. I am even more deeply pleased if it has helped to encourage the young people that have followed our generation to express their pride in our heritage more openly, more joyfully than I would have ever dared to think possible.”

— Daphne Odjig, The Art of Daphne Odjig, p. 78

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