When I was young, my father often talked to me about the Golden Pavilion.

Raphael didn't follow.

I had him come while I was still in bed.

Raif liked to play in the snow.

I asked Catherine what he was reading.

You guys love each other, right?

Do you eat at home or do you eat out?


Damon hopes you're able to attend his party.

Brian seems to be busy.

We dishonor the living and venerate the dead.

When you wake up tomorrow morning, you will find a wonderful thing.

My family is from Malaysia.

Don't raise my hopes like that.

Why don't you put your clothes back on?

The two meetings clash.

Jeanette made four hits and missed the rest.

Some of the people in the waiting room were watching TV.

Here, let me take a stab at it.


He parties too hard.

Lum believed that what Pratap told him was true.

The boy is tired.

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I think Stagger is flexible.

Do I have to go to the party?

I wonder what became of her.

How far is it from the airport to the hotel?

They didn't have a prayer.

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I don't want to talk to her.

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Laurence has decided to go.

His wife knows how to manage him when he gets angry.

You can't tell her not to go.

The clock ticked.

In Singapore, one way to punish criminals is to whip them.

This must be done.

I don't scare them.

You always said you wanted to learn French.

Louiqa has always been like that.

I'll replace him.

If you say that you cannot help doing something, you mean you cannot prevent or avoid it.

I think Oscar is flabby.

At least one of us is a man.

The young man saved the child from drowning.

Duke is wearing what he wore yesterday.

Heather has gone to get help.

Kamel is probably at home.

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Laura is from Brazil. She is Brazilian.


The reason is that I want to be an English teacher.


Now you've mentioned it, I remember coming here with my parents when I was a child.

Prior to the Second World War, World War I was referred to as the Great War.

Don't go near the beehive!

Duane tried to look busy, so Jay wouldn't ask him to help her.

You must be very talented, so as I!

The said that he would not invest in stocks unless there was a definite payoff.

Deposed in a military coup in September 2006 and having effectively been in exile, the Former premier of Thailand Thaksin has returned after about a year and a half.


Several guys were hanging around in front of the bar.

The measles virus is very contagious.

That was well worth the trouble.

John will be here in five minutes.

Antony is training for a marathon.

Can I speak with the director?

You're the best at what you do.


I couldn't wait for her.

I don't like you!

I found that out the hard way.

My father has never been abroad.

I have seen her once in a TV drama.

Will you take that?

Janice didn't even touch Juri.

And he let the two men sleep at his home.

Is it hard to be a vegetarian?


Should we run for it?


Edwin scarcely ever gets any exercise.

Charge it, please.

I couldn't ask him for money.


You must not base your estimation of a person on rumor alone.

I had my mother mend this sweater.

The chances are that the boss will send you to California.

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There's something I have to let you know right away.

Apparently my anti-virus software is not up to snuff.

I've never been better.

Fill this out, please.

The company went public and became listed on the stock exchange in 1990.


If it gets boring, I'll go home.


I can't put up with such bad conditions any more.

Suyog was the first one here.

We've been worried about you.


I couldn't live like that.

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Saiid pulled some bills from his wallet.


Lance stayed calm.

There's so much I want to say to you.

If your illness becomes worse, call in a specialist.


His face reminded me of one of my friends in my senior high school days.

She tried to hide her mistake from us.

This one or that one?


He will grant permission for you to go out.

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Patrice used the key Rainer had given him to open the door.


Would you like my phone number?

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I'll be back in just a second.

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No students could answer the question.

They're stuck.

I hope Urs will come.


There were no more than two books on the desk.

Thank you for this revealing lecture!

After such a disappointment, Nate needs to be cheered up.

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You ought to thank him.

There's a lot of work left to be done.

An expert is a specialist who knows everything about something and nothing about anything else.

We'll try to be there early.

She is buying bread.

There are turtles that are more than two centuries old.

Have you ever been to that village?

So nice that you are back.

Merat is a midwife.


Thomas has three beautiful daughters.


Let's now talk about all this.

The time has come to debate the most relevant matters.

I've seen her here before.

I'm trying to keep you alive.

Did you receive Ami's invitation?

Did you really go there?

Mat finds it difficult to read small print.


Every precaution is being taken.

The knife was so dull that I couldn't cut the meat with it and I had to use my pocketknife.

If you do your study at all, do your best.

You're the one who knows how to do this, right?

I don't have time to go to the movies.

That wouldn't be any fun.

Ti hasn't given Sangho a birthday present since they were both thirteen.

How much does Mariou pay you?

I don't want to live anymore.


Look at me!

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It is clear that he is guilty.

Don't let Marsha know about this.

She was fully guaranteed her liberty.

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Annard left the house without saying goodbye.

When did you buy this bicycle?

I want to be with you forever.

Do you like to see animals at the zoo?

Can we afford it now?


You have a lovely home.


I've seen all that.

To where leads this difficult path?

We don't have any proof.

They were anxious I would help them.

You look like your father.


That's what you said last time.

I was very worried about her.

I wish Friday was over and done with.

Japan is lacking in raw materials.

The goose honks.


He invested his money in stocks.

That's not easy.

I think that's horrible.

That's truly how I feel.

Why didn't I see that?

Dan was suffering a migraine headache.

Something had to be said.


Put our heads together.

What is today's date?

Ice skating is kind of fun.


This moon was ripped apart by tidal forces.