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I think Jayesh is impolite.

I suspect they water down the beer in that pub.

We know we're capable of that.

I am proud all my students have graduated.

Can we speak in the hall?

Who ordered you to do this?

Will this medicine really do me any good?

He comes from Genoa.

Because he is good, it does not follow that he is wise.

He asked me if he could see me again.

Stranger, go tell the Spartans that here we are buried, obedient to their orders.

Are you making some sort of threat, Jan?

He came up to Tokyo on business.

I wash clothes every day.

I was born on 18th March 1994.

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I allowed him to kiss me.

The typhoon moved in a westerly direction.

We're willing to learn.

There is only one meaning of life: the act of living itself.

I was in Boston for a few days last month.

They're ready.

You may give the book to whoever wants it.


I don't need to be told who you are.


You're hardworking.

I'm sorry if I made you feel unwelcome.

I don't want to be you.

I can only tell you what I know.

Heidi told me he wanted to buy a new battery for his car.

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Macaws are varicoloured birds.

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The car's engine broke down on the way.


What's the point of not eating?


We don't have to get there on time.


Why didn't you come sooner?

The problem has been resolved.

He makes good in everything he does.

This painting is a forgery.

I am afraid of what the teacher will say.


I know that Isidore isn't hungry.


All men have equal rights.

Who shot them?

Each state is different.


He looked as if he knew all about it.

This summer, I'm going backpacking in South America with some friends.

I'd ask them.

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She worries about my health.


Taking risks may land you on terra incognita and make you long to plant your feet back on terra firma.


Don't quote me on this, but I think there will be a severe storm tomorrow morning.

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Laura has confidence.


We're ready to do our best in order to help Sidney.

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What is the letter about?

Emergency exits must be kept free of blockages for public safety.

When did you buy the watch?


I just want you to be happy.

I respect Mr. Brown.

I don't have time for this now.


The book's illustrations are very good.

We should consider a combined effort.

Mr. Smith asked Jane to marry him.

Tracey always shouts when she is angry.

Amir seems angry.


Just stay put.

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It was really neat.


I'm waiting and hoping for Alex to come.

Do you like Chinese cuisine?

I don't have the authority.

I thought Srivatsan had seen me.

She was occupied in cooking all afternoon.


How long have you been in Boston?


Let's go back to Boston.

Let's just come right out and say it.

Sergeant finished his drink and then ordered another one.

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Curtis doesn't want to hang out with us.


Is she still there?

The auction ends Monday.

He had not swum more than a few yards before one of the skulking ground sharks had him fast by the upper part of the thigh.


I'm going with them.

The relative calm that we've experienced in the last few years is deceptive.

Make sure Nou doesn't eat any peanuts.

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On hearing the news, she turned pale.

No, my name is not Maria. My name is Theresa.

After the first year, the patient's recovery stagnated.

A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit children with disabilities.

Yesterday I met Christina.

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Isn't it incredible?

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I stopped and stared at him.

My uncle is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Wayne was sneered at.


To wax and wane.

Just be strong.

Our hypothesis is based on solid experiments.

That's really hard.

The problem of poverty is growing worldwide.

Take good care of what you eat and drink every day.

His crew members often complained of Christopher Columbus's hogging of their vessel's Wifi connection to play online games, but he denied these accusations with indignation, claiming that he was researching faraway lands that they had yet to discover.

I finished writing.

Alcohol is a cure.

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So don't hesitate.

Make yourselves comfortable.

Did you tape that concert?


There's no hurry. We have plenty of time.

He's such a jerk.

When any pretty maiden came near the castle, she was changed into a bird, and the fairy put her into a cage, and hung her up in a chamber in the castle.

In the Lithuanian township of Veisiejai, he was present at the death of a little girl. A raging fever consumed her. The unhappy mother almost went crazy with sorrow. For months afterwards he would hear her continual tears and wailing. He decided to leave general practice and to specialize as an oculist.

Where's the bread?

I felt incredibly stupid.

Can you make room for one more?


The handwritten text is illegible.

I called him a coward to his face.

You're not penniless.


Where shall we have breakfast today?


My dad likes Lego Technic.


I think we should go straight to Boston.

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Hume probably didn't even know about it.

Then, gathering speed, it raced through the tunnel, shaking the passengers from side to side.

He answered an advertisement in the paper and got the job.

I go to Tokyo every day.

All you have to do is push this red button.


I just need to find her.

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We can't get them on the phone.

Naren insists on seeing you alone.

Keiko has a good figure.

I was learning.

That reminds me of my father.


Did you know there was another Christian Jackson at this school?

Sandy laid his head on the pillow.

When was I writing a letter?


Who is your lawyer?

He speaks neither English nor French.

They say that old house is haunted.

When acid touches metal, a chemical reaction happens.

The summit of the mountain is about 2000 meters above sea level.

Take that!

Should I do that?

What has become of your sister?

I can't cancel on him.

They live in poverty.

Bob was on the point of leaving when I called him.

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He is a Cicero in eloquence.

When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.

We've met on occasion.

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Tor is a lucky to still be alive.

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If he wins he will gain self-confidence.


He didn't think it was funny.

Lets play video games or something.

You are my best friend!

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I thought Gregg would stay overnight in Boston.

First it thundered, and then it started to rain.

Have you found something out?

The weather being fine, we went on a picnic.

You were supposed to be here by 2:30.

I don't get to Boston as often as I'd like.

Why did you get involved?