Awarded 2017 Best Processing House For Textile

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Our Mission & Vision

We create experiences through renderings


To become the benchmark for the textiles and garments industry by providing world-class products through the integrity, teamwork and creativity of our people driven by our constant commitment to outstanding overall customer satisfaction.


To deliver high-quality products and exceptional services to our customers by harmoniously blending safety, quality and efficiency while diligently maintaining our integrity, honesty and dedication towards environmental and social responsibilities.

At RUNGTA INTERNATIONAL, we believe in...


At Rungta International, we are always open to new developments and keep experimenting with new processes & fabric's chemistry, thus learning in the process and constantly improving in the work that we do.


We understand that problems come only to those who have tried to do something, and by not giving up on them, biggest of the problems can be solved. Moreover, these problems then become guidelines for carrying out organisation's future tasks.


We believe in working with an optimistic attitude and welcoming nature to help maintain a positive environment in the company, and help avoid any misunderstandings through minimizing the communication gap by keeping a positive approach & understanding their responsibilities.


Trust is the most important element for an organisation as it is the foundation on which business is carried out with its suppliers & customers. We believe only transparency can help build this trust as without openness, facts are obscure and result in decisions based on speculative assumptions which can create problems for everyone & ultimately lead to loss of trust.


Each member at Rungta International, believes that "Our work speaks for us", and works diligently to achieve & maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.


We are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified organisation which manufactures products that comply to the European REACH Norms stating the highest safety standards in the industry. We have recently also started processing of Recycled Polyester Fabrics to serve the same purpose.


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