I haven't heard from Malcolm in quite some time.

They don't make much sense.

Why are you imitating me?

I couldn't control myself.

She will specialize in American history.

It would be sad if that happened again.

Tell Wade I'm coming.

No wonder people drink.


There is a beautiful girl on the paper.

Hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?

Let me get that.

Daniel is a thief.

The teacher was disappointed at my answer.

I am painting my garage.

How long have you been a teacher here?

The Sistine Chapel is a vast chapel built inside the Vatican Palace in 1473.

He is no more a fool than you are.


I misread.

Our band has never played disco music.

I hit it really hard.

I assume I was invited.

I heard every word.

One must do one's best in everything.

He hit one straight out of the ballpark.

You'll recognize him.

He wants to be different.

Dan's messages were scandalous.

Jeanne wants to go with you.

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He likes me and I like him too.

Generally, Europeans know more foreign languages than Americans.

Is Chet looking for them?


Do you have trouble sleeping?

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He need not have come to the party last night.

At what time is brunch?

We need few words to express what is essential.

Merton hopped into the car and put it in gear.

Have I done something wrong?

You have it all backwards.

I run every morning.

I called them yesterday.

She's well stacked.

Could I speak with you for a moment?

Don't give up your work in despair.

He has yet to get in touch with his mother.

Our combined fleet broke through the enemy's defense zone.

I already took care of it.

You're not responsible.

I want to find my big yellow banana.

It looks a bit like favouritism to me.

Carmine is a deep red food coloring obtained from an insect called the cochineal.

Can't we play a little longer?

Randell offered Les a drink.

The restaurant owner allowed her to take table scraps home to feed all of her dogs.


I'm sure I'll win the tennis match.

Do it gently.

Stefan is eager to buy a new car.


Someone cleaned my room while I was gone.

He is going to start tomorrow.

How can you even compare them?


Yumi's boyfriend is a bit antisocial.


Tolerant and Mahesh spent the night talking with John and Alice.

It's OK to indulge, just don't over indulge.

Do you see a star?

My father can swim, but my mother can't.

That was the last I saw of Jeannie.

Fear cannot be without hope nor hope without fear.

I forgot to turn off the light.

Supply of oil from the Middle East may be disturbed.

Thinking about those sort of things, I watched "Duck Soup" again.

We stayed at a hotel by the lake.

I thought I'd ask Glynn for help.

My sister went to Kobe yesterday.

Dean wants to become a teacher.


They are fulfilling the commandment to take in guests.


She was fined 10 dollars for that.

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I had not gone far before it began to rain.

I want to mention the release of our new software edition at the banquet.

He is said to have died here.


By means of long practice, became skillful.


It's rather cold today, but I think it'll be fairly warm tomorrow.


I had the same problems.

I was a student myself once.

You were not a good student two years ago.

Rolf asked me if I would be willing to help him after school today.

Your argument is invalid.


I love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

I paid five dollars in addition.

The two parties allied to defeat the bill.

You must sow before you can reap.

Rees wasn't ready for it.


That took longer than I expected.


Helen lacks decisiveness.


The old Earl said: "We spend one half of our life in regretting the things we did in the other half."

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We're planning a trip to Boston.

Sorry, I only meant it as a joke.

She came here once again.

Discuss and give examples.

Come with us, please.


The train was very crowded.

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Watch me now.

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Tell me about your life, work and hobbies.

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Winston went to Boston a month ago.

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Masanobu was a big troublemaker in school.

We'll mail it to you.

A touch of nervousness besets me because tomorrow I've got a German exam.

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I feel lucky today.


How did all this come about?

He looks his age.

I've had full dentures for two years.

Jay whistled as he worked.

Archie never really thought about those kinds of things.

There are nine people in my family.

Jefferson rejected this idea.

I never feel at home in his company.

I guarantee you won't regret it.


He failed in my having been surprised at the examination.


We have some pressing issues to deal with at the moment.


No one knew what was going on.


You said his name was Vivek, didn't you?


Oliver liked what Piete said.

There's a lot of furniture in this room.

Warren came down with the flu.

I explained it to him.

Ravindran's mother relies heavily on him to do her shopping and household chores.

Norman and I are the same age.

Business and friendship don't mix.

How much did you spend on that?

I need some hairpins and bobby pins.

I've never been late in my life.

You should've told me that you knew Lin.

Don't fall for his old tricks.

He is very careful.

There's no need to apologize.

Frederic can speak both French and English very well.

Having enjoyed her studies in Toronto several years earlier, Tait decided that now might be a good time to apply to become a Canadian permanent resident.

Sorrel has changed.

I asked them to call you.

I'll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow.


You'd better be careful.


I have no money to buy the dictionary.

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No one knows.

You can't negotiate with terrorists.

The truth is not always welcome.

Where'd you learn to throw that curveball?

Who appointed her?

We created a freely available English-Japanese bilingual corpus.

What was the matter with Elvis?


There were some flowers there.

Vulgarity can be a source of hilarity.

Give me one dollar for the book.

I think we're safe for a while.

The station is nearby.

I don't care a rap.

She is among the best artists of today.


That's what I'm asking you.

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Kevin gave up the idea of going to Canada.

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I'm not sure whether to stay home or go out.

You have to come at once.

I've heard nothing but good things about Jane.

They had a lovely time together.

Linda is my new British friend.