Free pre course learning for Logic4training customers.

Logic4training brings FREE e learning to its gas training courses with ClubLogic. Pre course learning to help you with your next Logic4training course and continued support when you finish your assessment, all at no extra cost.

ClubLogic is available exclusively to Logic4training customers on any internet enabled device. You can get online training courses anywhere you can find a wifi connection, or on 3g or 4g devices. Smart phones, Tablets and Laptops, we want to provide a flexible way to revise so that you can pass your assessment with flying colours and stay working safely and legally.

“We appreciate that our customers are busy and find it hard to know what to revise prior to training or assessment. ClubLogic provides a convenient way for gas installers source the right information, re-familiarising themselves or updating their knowledge before they come on the course. We hope that by using ClubLogic, installers will find CCN1 training and re-assessment an easier and less nerve-wracking process, while increasing the chances of a successful outcome.

 “So far, the feedbacks been fantastic, with users commenting that ClubLogic is useful and easy-to-use. Candidates can digest up to date information when they have the time – at home in the evening, sitting in the van, or on a lunch break, for example.

 “CCN1 is just the start; we are aiming to roll out online resources through ClubLogic for all of our courses, ensuring Logic4training customers have the best available information to assist them in our training and assessment programmes.”

Mark Krull, Director at Logic4training

If you would like to find out more call our customer service team on 0345 845 7222 or email 7085702792

Want a little extra from your training?

Get access to pre course learning designed to help you feel more prepared to pass your CCN1 assessment. Online quizzes, videos, calculation sheets and other documents covering Pipe Sizing, Purging, Ventilation and Controls.

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