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G&C Flooring has experienced, quality minded professionals in both residential and commercial markets.

We provide industry leading concrete leveling services to fix uneven or cracked concrete surfaces. Concrete leveling requires the use of self-leveling cement, and is usually done in one day. Once the leveling is complete and dry, than the flooring installation can begin.

When putting down hardwood floors, laminate, or engineered plank floors, the concrete subfloor must be nearly perfectly flat to avoid expensive floor failure not covered by floor manufacturer warranties.

Leveling is also not limited to concrete, when plywood subfloors are no longer flat, they also need to be levelled prior to floor installation.

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Our goal is to provide you with quality carpet products that will beautify your home, meet your specific performance and budget needs, be easy to care for, and stand the test time.

We also strive to be good listeners, committed partners in your home improvement project, and strong advocates of great customer service.