Pam says he's spotted something out of the ordinary.

Stock-raising is one of the farmer's occupations and the animals are carefully selected according to their breed.


Why were you with them?

You've put on a little weight, haven't you?

Jane and Ann hang out together.


There's only one copy of this document.


Johnnie swims practically every day.

They're starving.

Don't bother Rees.

She's a yoga instructor.

Where should we start?

I also like perfume tea.

You don't, by any chance, know where I can find a hammer?

The couple went off on their honeymoon.

You're not meeting Bruno, are you?


Malus had my permission to do what he did.

You will be able to buy this only there.

My son thinks women are stronger than men.

He came to repent before long.

Lenora walked past Floria.

You're starting to annoy me.

His wish was to go to America.

One man was seriously injured.

I just don't think Jef understands it.

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She kept working even though she was tired.


The army sent soldiers to remove the miners.


We chose Father as a neutral judge of our disputes.

I heard it from a reliable source.

Everything's running like clockwork.

The capybara is the world's largest rodent.

Is the human condition flexible enough to adapt to environments beyond Earth?

The company's insolvency forced it into receivership.

Will, are you downstairs?

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Mr. Johnson is older than I thought he was.


I was hoping you had something to say to me.

Norbert will finish the job by 2:30.

Bertrand hasn't called back yet.


The bus stops right in front of my house.

I need to read but I don't have books!

I never thought Po would do it.

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Jordan doesn't like it when this kind of stuff happens.


High tariffs are the chief obstacles to free trade.

In those days, or at any rate in Cambridge, laboratory life was rather informal.

Hal picked up one of the cans, opened it, and took a sip.

Saqib unlocked the drawer.

The flow is not that strong.

It is difficult to walk 60 kilometers a day.

The king was stripped of his power.

The group of noisy boys was getting out of hand.

What was Jared doing when you saw him?

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We're getting out of here. The storm is coming.

I wish we could just ask him.

Sue has done that.


The park is located in the center of the city.

It's incredibly beautiful.

I think Edmund doesn't come here very often.

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Who is Alvar Aalto?


We have given Edgar Degas a voice that we hope suits him.

The details of the agreement are indicated in the contract.

I'll write to you soon.

I have a dozen reports to read.

Even though his mother told him to get ready for dinner, Howard continued playing his game.

I know you're not like that!

Alfred, King of England, was a great scholar as well as a great ruler.


He refuses to believe us.

I still don't write Chinese well.

I'll pick you up tomorrow after work.

If you don't want to get married, it would be better if you didn't get married.

Elvis tried his best.

I'd do anything for her.

They're immune.

It just slays me every time I see it.

They're alone over there.


I'm staying in Italy.

Am I disturbing you?

I always feel blue on Mondays.

This train stops at all stations.

Don't underestimate your opponent.


"How did you get in here?" "I climbed in through the window."

A great number of people were killed in a moment.

I saw a jumbo jet take off.

I'm very proud of them.

They cheered the young Americans.

You know what actresses are like.

It is no exaggeration to say that, as far as he was concerned, his wife was life itself to him.


What you don't see and hear with your own ears and eyes might be true, but it might also not be true.

Gregge is really aggressive, isn't he?

Teresa bought Jacob something.

Ninety percent of the people in this country don't exercise regularly.

I have a Facebook account.

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Mr. Smith is liked by all the students.

My work is finished here.

Vince had a new house built last year.


The babies are suckling.

Do you think she's attractive?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy.

I bought a large pair of sunglasses.

He thinks that gays are funny people.

I don't disagree with Tor.

Did you find your passport?


Kevyn is completely alone.

Fay said that he wanted to go to Boston, but he didn't tell us why.

It was predictable that this would happen.

The movie was really good.

I forgot to send New Year's cards to my friends.

I'm learning so much from you.

Does it matter what I think?

The monster Grendel attacked king Hrothgar's great hall every night.

I didn't do what I was told to do.

Help me learn how to drive.

Come on back here.

I'm coming from grandpa now, and going to my uncle.

I thought the meeting went really well.


We don't even like Christie.

Dad, put Mum on the phone.

The engineer put his eye to the transit and looked through it.

I'm happy for the first time in life.

I asked Trent to come over to collect my mail and feed my cat while I'm out of town.

What should we do if it rains?

Above and beyond this, he can read Hebrew.

He's standing behind his mother.

I don't know what Les would've done without me.

I've always wanted to meet you, but not, of course, under these circumstances.

The heater works.

I know it was Shai.

Most of the clothes that Canadians wear are made outside of Canada.

Let's all just sit down and try to talk about what's happened.

Win shouldn't have won the race.

What would you tell her?

He's in the kitchen preparing food.

What's your favorite ski area?

Everyone knew what went wrong.


I wonder where you came up with the idea that I'm familiar with robotics and such.

Clay won't tell me who he plans to hire.

I can't contact them.

This is just awful.

Piotr got home later than usual today.


Politicians in Japan sometimes get away with doing illegal things.

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My wife is ignorant of the world.


He checked out of the hotel.


The recent shortage of coffee has given rise to a lot of problems.

Rodney leaned forward and touched his toes.

She tried hard to clear her mind of doubts.


There were blood stains on the floor.

Jesse put a foam pad under his sleeping bag.

Return this book as soon as you can.

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Duncan asked me to go to a movie with him.


No matter how many faults there are, our achievements are the main thing.


It would be great to sleep a while first.

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I'll talk to Henry later.

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Yea, would to God, I were among the roses, That lean to kiss you as you float between While on the lowest branch a bud uncloses A bud uncloses, to touch you, my queen.

We'd be safe there.

Kristen says he doesn't know any French.

The implications are clear.

We just have to be more aggressive.

You need to be at this afternoon's meeting.

Ice is solid.


There are no Walmarts in Germany.


She washed the dishes herself.

Our teacher called our names in turn.

Novorolsky seems really out of it.

We may not be able to catch up with Hsi.

I kept the seat warm for you.